When Does ‘Black Monday’ Season 2 Premiere?

Showtime is gearing up to launch the sophomore season of Black Monday. The cable giant has invested heavily in the show, with A-list talent starring in and steering the direction of the series. Co-stars Don Cheadle, Regina Hall, and Andrew Rannells share producer credits. Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg also serve as executive producers.

Based on the positive reactions to Season 1, Showtime’s investment in talent will likely pay off. Black Monday has the potential to mimic the trajectory of hits like Dexter, Homeland, and Shameless by becoming one of Showtime’s tentpole original series.

'Black Monday' cast
‘Black Monday’ cast | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Black Monday’ Season 1 ended with a crash


Which Black Monday character took a nosedive out of a skyscraper window and landed on a Lamborghini limousine? Episode 1 of the show opens with a flashback to October 19, 1987 — the day of the stock market crash, aka Black Monday. The episode shocks viewers with the epic death-by-Lambo scene but obscures the identity of the doomed soul.

The show then skips backward to recall the events during the year leading up to Black Monday. In reality, no one can precisely pinpoint what caused the stock market crash. But the show takes audiences on a how-it-could-have-happened ride that culminates with Black Monday, and one person’s disastrous collision with a Lamborghini.

Black Monday follows the Jammer Group, a Wall Street firm led by Mo Monroe. Money, drugs, and four-letter words flow freely around the office. The financial whizzes sometimes use morally questionable tactics to score big bucks. The office is a hostile – yet hilarious – work environment. By-the-book traders need not apply.

During the season, fans speculated about the identity of the person who fell to his or her death. Considering the shady shenanigans of the Jammer Group traders, it could have happened to any one of them.

Season 2 drops in March

Fans will not have to wait much longer to see how the Jammer Group bounces back from the events of Season 1.

Viewers can look forward to a double-dose of Black Monday every week during the second season starting on March 15th. Showtime will air back-to-back episodes weekly for five weeks, culminating with the second season finale on April 12th.

The trailer dropped major hints

The finale answered the question that had been looming since the premiere and solved the mystery surrounding what led up to the season’s big death. Alas, the events of the season changed the relationship dynamics between the characters and the show left fans with even more questions.

The second season premiere promises to be satisfying. The trailer dropped hints about a location swap, a personnel switch, and a power shift.

In the preview, Mo shows off a new hairdo with flowing locks. He may have ditched his fro, but he kept his swagger.

Black Monday’ is streaming free now, but there’s a catch

Newbies who want to sample Black Monday are in luck. In an effort to hook new viewers, Showtime is offering fans a chance to stream one full episode of the show for free. After that, they must sign up for a subscription to watch the rest of the episodes. Details are available at Sho.com.

Black Monday Season 1 is currently available to subscribers on the Showtime website and app. Those with a cable or satellite provider can sign in online or catch episodes on demand.

Watch back-to-back episodes of Black Monday Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime starting on March 15th.