When Does ‘Euphoria’ Come Back on HBO?

Eight episodes of Euphoria just flew by. Fans saw Rue overcome her drug addiction and maybe become addicted to something, (or someone,) else. Now, viewers of the HBO drama series are wondering what happens next. When does the second season of Euphoria premiere? Here’s what we know about the upcoming season.

This article contains spoilers from the And Salt the Earth Behind You episode of Euphoria!

Euphoria Zendaya
Zendaya and Storm Reid | Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

The season finale of ‘Euphoria’ premiered on HBO

It feels like just yesterday we met Rue, Jules, Nate, and the characters on HBO’s drama series, Euphoria. Viewers saw the characters tackle mental illness, abusive relationships, and drug addiction. Now with its first season under its belt, fans are wondering what’s next for the characters on Euphoria. Unfortunately, the answer might come later than fans would hope.

Not much has been revealed about the second season of Euphoria. That includes the premiere date, which is still a mystery to fans of the television series. However, there are a few clues regarding the contents of the upcoming episodes.

When does the second season of ‘Euphoria’ premiere?

There is no word regarding the premiere date of the next season. Being that HBO renewed the series in early July, the upcoming episodes are presumably in the early stages. However, some speculate that the series will return around June 2020.

Euphoria creator Sam Levinson has built an incredible world with an extraordinary cast led by the supremely talented Zendaya,” Francesca Orsi, EVP, HBO Programming, said in a statement. “We are so grateful that he chose HBO as the home for this groundbreaking series. We look forward to following these complex characters as their journeys continue through the challenging world they inhabit.”

In the meantime, Euphoria has been releasing content little by little, starting with the music video for “All For Us” by Zendaya and Labrinth. Then, Euphoria posted a behind the scenes look of their sets, hosted by actress Sydney Sweeney. The television series also post “visualizers” on their YouTube channel, each earning thousands of views from fans.

Euphoria | Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images for FIJI Water

What happened to Rue at the end of the season 1 finale of ‘Euphoria’?

The ending of Euphoria left a lot of questions for viewers, mostly what happened to the show’s protagonist, Rue. There are a few different fan theories regarding the final scenes, some more extreme than others. A few fans believe that Rue relapsed and died during the final scene, primarily because of the brief interaction she had with her father. Others believe that Rue couldn’t have relapsed because Fez wouldn’t sell her any drugs.

More theories suggest that the final scenes did not happen, and instead they were the music video for “All For Us.” According to this theory, the story ended with Rue walking home from the train station without Jules. Euphoria has yet to confirm any theory and until the next season of the drama series premieres on HBO, fans will have to keep guessing.

Episodes of Euphoria are available for streaming on HBO Go and the HBO Go app.