When Does ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Come Back for Season 2?

Believe it or not, Roswell, New Mexico has been off the air for almost a year. The season 1 finale aired last spring, and since then, fans have been dying to catch up with their favorite alien-human romance. The CW premiered most of its popular primetime shows last fall, leaving viewers wondering when Roswell, New Mexico will come back for season 2.

Roswell, New Mexico - Jeanine Mason, Nathan Dean Parsons
Roswell, New Mexico – Jeanine Mason, Nathan Dean Parsons | Ursula Coyote/The CW

A quick refresher of where season 1 left off

Last season, viewers were introduced to the secret alien trio living in the small town of Roswell. Max (Nathan Parsons), Michael (Michael Vlamis), and Isobel (Lily Cowles) fail to hide the truth about their identity from their human friend Liz (Jeanine Mason). Eventually, while trying to uncover the truth about her sister Rosa’s (Amber Midthunder) death, Liz uncovers the aliens’ secret, and discovers their connection to her murder.  

In the finale, the group realizes that Isobel’s husband Noah (Karan Oberoi) had been controlling her mind and that he was behind the mayhem. Max then kills Noah by harnessing the power of a lightning storm. After making it out of the caves, Liz and Max finally give in to their feelings for each other. 

While in the caves, Michael, Max, and Isobel find Rosa’s body in a stasis pod. Max uses his powers to heal Rosa. She comes back to life and reunites with Liz. But to save Rosa, Max drains all his power, and when Liz finds him in the cave, it looks like he’s dead. 

The season 2 premiere of ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ is right around the corner

The season 1 finale ended on a major, gut-wrenching cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering if Max is really dead. But luckily, the wait is almost over. Roswell, New Mexico returns with new episodes on Monday, March 16 on The CW.   

In a trailer for the new season, Liz grieves for Max. “It’s too late, Max is dead,” she tells Rosa. “He brought you back to life.” Meanwhile, Isobel is dealing with some kind of fallout from her mind control, and Mimi DeLuca (Sherri Saum) has gone missing. 

But it looks like Liz might try to bring Max back from the dead. “Max gave me back the only thing that mattered to me,” Liz says in the trailer. “Now it’s my turn.”

What ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ fans can expect from the new season

It’s safe to assume that for at least the first few episodes of season 2, Max will remain dead. On Nathan Parsons’ IMDB page, the actor is credited for at least four episodes, which means fans will get to see him in some capacity.


In an interview with Showbiz Junkies at San Diego Comic-Con last summer, Jeanine Mason said that fans should expect to see Liz play the healer in season 2. “I mean that’s the sort of setup for this season — Max is very much in need of repair and Liz is a mere human,” said Mason. “And her science is incredible and she’s brilliant, for sure, but she’s set up to do something that’s immediate for him.”

Mason also revealed that the new season would focus on Liz’s hands because she’s trying to heal Max with her own set of skills. “She’s in her lab; she’s doing her work but these (hands) just don’t work as quick as his,” she told the outlet. “So that’s our setup for this season is whether she can.”