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The last episode of BTS: Bon Voyage aired on Jan. 7, 2020. While it’s sad that another season of the reality show is over, the end of season 4 of BTS: Bon Voyage means Run BTS! comes back. So when does BTS’s hilarious variety show return?

Run BTS!
BTS | Amanda Edwards/FilmMagic

‘Run BTS!’ returns on Jan. 14

Weverse is a community platform where fans interact and keep up with artists under Big Hit Entertainment. ARMY uses Weverse to stream BTS content like BTS: Bon Voyage and to communicate with the BTS members.

On Jan. 9, a new announcement was posted on Weverse. The announcement informed fans of the ending of season 4 of BTS: Bon Voyage and released details about the continuation of Run BTS!

The announcement reads:

“Hello from BTS Weverse. We wrapped up BON VOYAGE Season 4 with Ep.8 Untold Story on 9 January 2020. Thank you for all the amazing support for BTS BON VOYAGE Season 4! All of the episodes will remain available on Weverse. From 14 January 2020, BTS content will continue with the all-new ‘Run BTS! Ep.91’! Then on 16 January 2020, a brand-new content ‘BTS behind’ will be available for subscription, exclusively on Weverse. Enjoy more ‘Run BTS!’ with the behind-the-scenes footage and photos!”

‘Run BTS!’ previously aired on VLIVE

Run BTS! first premiered in 2015 on VLIVE, a South Korean live video streaming website. VLIVE is owned by Naver Corporation. BTS fans who purchased VLIVE+ also had access to behind-the-scenes clips from the show. While the behind-the-scenes clips on VLIVE+ required an additional purchase, the show itself was free for fans on VLIVE.

The third season of Run BTS! began in January 2019 and aired every Tuesday unless other BTS content was aired. The show went on hiatus in November 2019 for season 4 of BTS: Bon Voyage.

Starting in 2020, Run BTS! will begin airing on Weverse. Big Hit Entertainment owns Weverse through its subsidiary company beNX, which controls Big Hit Entertainment’s online platforms. Weverse is one of the ways Big Hit Entertainment has migrated BTS’s content to one platform instead of depending on outside companies and platforms like VLIVE.

In August 2019, Big Hit Entertainment held a corporate meeting and announced its plans for the company. Steve Seo, the CEO of beNX, discussed Big Hit Entertainment’s plans to innovate the music industry.

“It will be a ‘one-stop service in the music industry’ that can provide any music services by turning on Weverse and Weply. The entire process will be integrated for our customers, from ticket purchase to identity verification, special event participation , and merchandise shopping,” he said.

BTS fans are excited for the show to come back

Run BTS! is beloved by BTS fans around the world. The show is always peak chaos and comedy because of BTS’s antics After Weverse announced the return of Run BTS!, ARMY celebrated the return of the show on social media.


“Run BTS returning means the 100th episode of Run is also going to be here soon. I’m excited to find out what they have in store for us,” wrote a Twitter user.