When Will Heather Altman From ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Have Her Baby?

Josh Altman is one of the main cast members of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles. Recently, he and his wife, Heather Altman, announced they were expecting their second child together. The couple already has one baby, but when will the newest addition to their family arrive?

Josh and Heather Altman

Josh and Heather Altman | Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Josh and Heather Altman weren’t always on the same page about parenthood

Josh knew as soon as he met Heather that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The two hit it off instantly, and although his love for her never faltered, his work did get in the way. After Josh proposed to Heather and everything seemed set in stone, she called off the wedding. She felt he had changed and wasn’t making their relationship a top priority. However, things worked out, and the two tied the knot. But when Josh wanted to have kids, Heather once again had reservations. In one episode of Million Dollar Listing, she said was worried she would take care of the kids and he’d always be at work and never around to help out. It took a little while for them to get on the same page.

The couple welcomed a daughter back in April 2017

Finally, Josh assured Heather he would be very dedicated to their family once the two had children. Heather agreed the timing was right, and the two got pregnant soon after. They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Alexis Kerry Altman, in April 2017. Josh raved about his new baby girl and how strong his wife was during the whole process. “I’m so happy and proud of my wife for handling this like a champ,” he said on Instagram. He said experiencing the birth of a child was a greater event than anything he could describe. Needless to say, the couple eventually wanted more children.

The two are expecting a second child this summer

In January 2019, Josh and Heather announced they’d soon be expecting their second bundle of joy. They made the pregnancy announcement in January, so assuming they waited three months before sharing the news, Heather likely got pregnant sometime in October. If that’s the case, the couple will welcome their newest child this summer — probably sometime in July.

Josh told Bravo that his first child has actually helped his business succeed. “Since I’ve had my baby daughter, we’ve sold more real estate in the past six months than we’ve ever sold in our entire life,” he said. But it’s clear he isn’t having a second baby just to help his business. Josh and Heather have nothing but love for their little girl. “Your priorities change very quick and you realize what’s important in life,” he said.

Josh initially said he would pump the breaks when Heather got pregnant with their first child, but since Alexis has brought so much success to their business, it could be difficult for him to stop. However, the couple appears to be looking forward to adding to their growing family. Perhaps the two will sell even more real estate with double the babies.

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