When is CNN Anchor Don Lemon Getting Married?

Like him or not journalist, Don Lemon and his fiance, Tim Malone are total relationship goals. The pair regularly share photos on social media that give the rest of us envy.  But although many know Lemon from his TV news show, CNN Tonight, not everyone is familiar with Malone. 

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Don Lemon hosts ‘CNN Tonight’

Raised in Louisiana, Lemon majored in broadcast journalism, and then started his career working for several local news stations. He began to gain prominence after working for NBC news in New York City as a correspondent for Today and NBC Nightly News. But it wasn’t until 2014 when the American public really began to recognize Lemon, when he became the presenter of CNN Tonight. 

Throughout his career, Lemon has never shied away from controversy. He’s been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, even starting one broadcast in 2018 with the words, “This is CNN Tonight, I’m Don Lemon. The President of the United States is racist,” reports The Hill. In a separate showing, Lemon told actor Terry Crews that it’s not Black Lives Matter‘s responsibility to care about Black on Black violence.

These kinds of comments have attracted plenty of haters, but there are also those who love Lemon. His opinions are sort of like his last name- some love the intensity, while others find him too sour to handle. 

Is Don Lemon married?

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While Lemon’s career may be full of controversy, his personal life is surprisingly stable. He regularly hosts CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcasts, which means that the public gets an inside look into Lemon’s resolutions. And in 2017, he shared that he was looking for love. “I need a little bit more balance in work/life,” Lemon said, shortly after midnight. “I may be open to a relationship this year,” according to People.

The law of attraction worked for Lemon. After putting his intentions out to the public, the very next year, he had someone very special to share a New Year’s kiss with. While hosting the 2018 celebration, Lemon invited Malone in front of the cameras, and they shared a kiss. 

After the on-air smooch, reports claimed that the couple had met in the same bar where it was filmed, but Lemon quickly corrected the rumors. “Clarification. We did not meet at the bar. He was with me at the bar. We met in New York,” he tweeted

Regardless of where they met, the couple appeared very happy. It was only a short time later that they became engaged. In April 2019, Lemon announced the news on his Instagram account by posting a photo of the moment. The picture featured two identical dog tags, worn by both of the couple’s pups, which read, “DADDY WILL YOU MARRY PAPA?” 

Lemon captioned the post by writing, “He gave me a present on his birthday. How could I say no?”

Who is Tim Malone?

Similar to his sweetheart, Malone started out his career in media. But unlike Lemon, who works in editorial, Malone chose to focus on the marketing on advertising side of the industry. According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked for the Today Show as a production assistant, on the sales team for the USA and SyFy networks, and as the executive director of brand partnerships for Billboard. 

However, in 2018 Malone made a career shift. He decided to use his sales experience in real estate, and now sells multi-million dollar homes in New York City. 

Lemon and Malone seem to have a lot of fun together, as evidenced by all their social media photos. They often take vacations, along with their two dogs, who are adorably named Barkley Malemon and Boomer Malemon (the last name is a combination of Malone and Lemon). 

When is the happy couple getting married? Although they’re now engaged, it may be some time before the actual wedding. “I’m just trying to enjoy this moment of bliss,” Lemon told People after the engagement became public. “And then, whenever we get married, we get married.”