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Alchemy of Souls is on everyone’s must-watch list on Netflix. The fantasy K-drama is shaping to be the talk of the town as it combines magic, powerful mages, dark villainy, and a worthwhile love triangle. Unlike other dramas, Alchemy of Souls airs weekly episodes on a set schedule and ramps up the anticipation after every episode’s cliffhanger.

Netflix premieres two episodes of ‘Alchemy of Souls’ every week

Fans get their back-to-back dosage of the K-drama’s storyline every week. Alchemy of Souls airs every Saturday and Sunday on Netflix. The episodes become available at 11:10 a.m. EST on the streaming platform.

The K-drama has 20 episodes in its first season and is slated to end its run on August 21. But the finale date has likely changed as Alchemy of Souls was reported to take a one-week hiatus after episodes 15 and 16. As the K-drama is still in production as the episodes air, episode premiere dates are subject to change.

According to Soompi, the K-drama is taking a one-week hiatus to focus on detailed editing for its final episodes. While it may be hard to wait a week, fans are eager to see where the storyline is headed as its main characters face a big bad evil.

‘Alchemy of Souls’ takes place in a world where magic exists

Netflix’s Alchemy of Souls tells the story of powerful mage characters who find themselves at the center of a grand evil plan. The story begins with the birth of a child born under the King’s star. Due to the secret of his birth and future, his gate of power was sealed by his father. Years later, despite having multiple teachers, Jang Uk cannot practice spells.

Jang Uk is part of a world where mages harness the power of Daeho lake through a series of stages. He and his friends are part of powerful families that protect the kingdom from evil. The other side of the K-drama’s story is the leading character, Nak-su. She is a notorious mage assassin who transfers her soul to the unsuspecting body of a blind woman named Mu-deok.

She finds herself in the palace looking for her sword and body. By divine fate, she meets Jang Uk, who recognizes her as a soul shifter, and Nak-su. He deems her his true master. Together they go on a journey to find their true power but also find themselves in love.

Alchemy of Souls goes deeper as there is a greater evil that uses an ancient weapon called the Ice Stone. The K-drama is packed with mysteries between Mu-deok’s true identity and powers, Jang Uk’s legacy, and Nak-su’s greater purpose.

‘Alchemy of Souls’ Season 2 is in the works at Netflix

While the first season of the K-drama is set to end at 20 episodes, it has been renewed for a second season. Created by the Hong Sister, Alchemy of Souls’ overall storyline did not fit in one season. Therefore, its creators planned Alchemy of Souls Season 2 to continue the story after the finale. Will the first season’s finale reveal the truth about Mu-deok’s identity or Jang Uk’s claim to the throne?

Fans still have a few weeks to see where Mu-deok/Nak-su and Jang Uk’s story leads them. The second season will reportedly bring back its leading actors, Lee Jae-wook, Hwang Min-hyun, and Go Yoon-jung. But there are no reports of how the K-drama will handle actor Jung So-min’s character of Mu-deok.


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