When Will Ferrell Bought a Soccer Team People Thought He Was Joking

Will Ferrell has a natural connection with the sporting world that goes deeper than the average fan might realize. While fans of the comedian may know him from a slew of sports-themed comedies like Semi-Pro and Talladega Nights, the actor has connections offscreen, too.

Will Ferrell purchased a stake in LAFC, Los Angeles’ soccer team, in 2016. While people thought that it was a joke at the time, nobody is laughing now. 

Will Ferrell and sports

Will Ferrell attending a ceremony for LA FC
Actor Will Ferrell attends the Los Angeles Football Club stadium groundbreaking ceremony | Greg Doherty/WireImage

The first thing that many people will think of when it comes to Will Ferrell and sports is movies. Several of his most famous movies are about athletes. Whether he plays an ABA player in the ’70s or a world-famous NASCAR driver, Ferrell’s career is largely built on the back of sports comedies. The trend of Ferrell doing sports movies became so rampant that he promised to stop doing them altogether in 2008.

“I will no longer attempt to do any sports movie anymore. Any sports,” Ferrell said (per CinemaBlend). “I’m retired from sports-genre films. You know, I think I filled my quota.

This didn’t stop him, however, from making a comedic documentary about his baseball career. Ferrell played for 10 different teams in 2015 as part of a Spring Training stunt for Ferrell Takes the Field.

These movies are not his only connections to the sporting world, however. Ferrell is a fan of teams across the country. He has been spotted at several Chicago Cubs games taking in some baseball. Closer to Hollywood, Ferrell has professed his love for the LA Kings on more than one occasion. 

Ferrell consistently appears at charity golf events. Furthermore, Ferrell is a friend of Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. His biggest passion in sports, however, might be for USC.

An alumnus of the school with a legendary sports program, Ferrell has appeared at USC games several times throughout the years and is a mainstay in the locker rooms as celebrity superfan. 

Sports are not just fodder for movies and publicity stunts, however. Ferrell also has a stake in the sporting world after buying a piece of LAFC. 

Los Angeles FC

According to Bleacher Report, in 2016 Ferrell bought an ownership stake in LA FC. The expansion team, which kicked off its inaugural season in 2018, was looking to cause a splash in a market that already had several organizations.

Ferrell had another comedian to turn to at the time in Drew Carey, who also serves as part-owner of the club. While some wondered if Ferrell was doing another stunt for a movie or documentary, he was serious about his commitment to the team. 

The ownership group is an eclectic mix of recognizable names from across sports and entertainment. From Lakers legend Magic Johnson to former MLB star Nomar Garciaparra and women’s soccer star Mia Hamm, the list was long and lucrative. When it came to Ferrell, however, all eyes were on him. 

Not a joke


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When Will Ferrell took the stage at a ceremony unveiling his ownership stake, he made sure to let the people know that his interest was real and not part of some elaborate hoax. When asked about his interest in soccer, he shed some light. 

“I love watching it generally speaking,” he told the crowd (per MLS).

“I don’t really have a side per se until LAFC get started and that will definitely be, obviously, my team. But I just enough watching the fact that it’s played all over the world. So many amazing players and so many top-flight leagues. And hopefully MLS can be on par, eventually, with the European leagues.”

Ferrell will always be known for his ability to entertain, but by purchasing the stake in LAFC, he is showing he is more than a comedian. While LAFC is still young, it is already garnering attention in Los Angeles that should grow exponentially.