When Will Season 23 of ‘The Bachelor’ Air and Who Will the Bachelorettes Be?

Fans of The Bachelor won’t have to wait long for the next installment. According to a recent announcement from ABC, the 23rd season of the fan favorite show will premiere with a three-hour episode right after the holiday season on January 7, 2019.

Get ready for your Monday nights to feel exciting all over again.

‘The Bachelor’ is a guaranteed success

Some find it shocking that a show focused on two dozen women vying for the love of one man could possibly still be popular – but it is. Whether you watch in secret or openly profess your #bachelornation affiliation, the fact remains that ratings are high enough to keep the show on the air this long.

It should come as no surprise that The Bachelor is airing in early January. After all, the 2018 season premiered on January 1st while Season 21 started on January 2, 2017. ABC execs chose not to mess with a good thing when they opted for Colton Underwood’s season to begin in the earliest days of the year.

Who is Colton Underwood?

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Fans found out that the ultra-sexy Colton Underwood would be the lucky new bachelor in September 2018 after his appearances on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Colton is a former pro football player and perhaps most interestingly, a self-professed virgin. The virginity angle will be one of the main storylines for this season.

But just because he’s saving his virginity for someone special, it doesn’t mean Colton is some kind of angel. He was famously involved in a love triangle with Tia Boothe, who was a contestant on The Bachelor during Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season. Tia admitted to Arie that she still had feelings for Colton while she was still a contestant on the show, but the relationship went south and the pair broke up after only a few weeks.

Who will the women be on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 23?

There are 30 women to start and as always, they all come from different backgrounds.

Alex B., 29, a dog rescuer from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Alex D., 23, a sloth from Boston, Massachusetts
Angelique, 28, a marketing salesperson from Hamilton, New Jersey
Annie, 23, a financial associate from New York, New York
Bri, 24, a model from Los Angeles, California
Caelynn, 23, Miss North Carolina 2018 from Charlotte, North Carolina
Caitlin, 25, a realtor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cassie, 23, a speech pathologist from Huntington Beach, California
Catherine, 26, a DJ from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Courtney, 23, a caterer from Atlanta, Georgia
Demi, 23, an interior designer from Red Oak, Texas
Devin, 23, a broadcast journalist from Medford, Oregon
Elyse, 31, a makeup artist from Soldotna, Alaska
Erika, 25, a recruiter from Encinitas, California
Erin, 28, Cinderella from Plano, Texas
Hannah B., 23, Miss Alabama 2018 from Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Hannah G., 23, a content creator from Birmingham, Alabama
Heather, 22, never been kissed from Carlsbad, California
Adrianne “Jane,” 26, a social worker from West Hollywood, California
Katie, 26, a medical sales representative from Sherman Oaks, California
Kirpa, 26, a dental hygienist from Whittier, California
Laura, 26, an accountant from Dallas, Texas
Nicole, 25, a social media coordinator from Miami, Florida
Nina, 30, a sales account manager from Raleigh, North Carolina
Onyeka, 24, an IT risk consultant from Dallas, Texas
Revian, 24, an esthetician from Santa Monica, California
Sydney, 27, an NBA dancer from New York, New York
Tahzjuan, 25, a business development associate from Castle Pines, Colorado
Tayshia, 28, a phlebotomist from Corona Del Mar, California
Tracy, 31, a wardrobe stylist from Los Angeles, California

Will Colton stay a virgin for the whole season?

Even though his virginity will play prominently into the storyline of the show, he has claimed that he’s keeping an open mind and that anything is possible. He may have to send seven of the ladies home on the first episode, but he admitted to being surprised how much physical chemistry he feels even from the first meeting. It’ll make for an interesting season for sure.

Get ready for The Bachelor contestants and Colton to go on adventures to exotic locations including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Portugal, just to name a few.

January is going to be epic.