Where Are The Cast Of ‘My Wife & Kids’ Today?

After The Cosby Show and Family Matters, there weren’t many sitcoms that centered on African American families. That all changed with the Wayans family creation of My Wife and Kids. The show followed the Kyle family and viewers were able to laugh and watch them grow for five seasons. The cast has continued to make major moves in their individual careers since the show’s end. 

My Wife and Kids cast
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Damon Wayans

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Wayans played the Kyle family patriarch, Michael. He showed that using wit and humor – as opposed to harsh discipline – was just as a productive method of parenting. Wayans was the creator of the show and wrote many of its episodes over its five-year run. Wayans continues to act and is a force to be reckoned with in comedy. When the show ended, he produced the Showtime comedy series The Underground. More recently, he started on the Lethal Weapon series before leaving after season two to focus on his health.

 Tisha Campbell-Martin

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Campbell-Martin starred as Michael’s equally funny wife, Jay. She and Michael were a team when it came to raising their children. Wherever Michael slacked, Jay was there to play her part. After the show’s end, she had recurring roles on some of the top shows, including All Of Us, Everybody Hates Chris, Dr. Ken, and Real Husbands of Hollywood. She ended her marriage with fellow actor, Duane Martin, in 2018 – and after a tough divorce and financial issues, she’s made a comeback. She’s hosted the past two award shows for Soul Train and also co-hosted a number of times on the FOX daytime talk show, The Real. 

George O. Gore II

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Gore played the goofy and clumsy yet loveable eldest child of the Kyle clan, Junior. Viewers rooted for Junior to find his way and after becoming a teenage father and husband, he finally found his footing. While on the show, he expanded his resume by directing two episodes in the series. He continued working with the Wayans family when the show ended, appearing in the film Dance Flick and Thugaboo. Gore also starred in the BET sitcom, Second Generation Wayans before its cancellation. 

Jazz Raycole

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Raycole only appeared in the first season of the show. She was the actress who introduced viewers to the Kyle middle child, Claire. She was spunky and had lots of attitude. When the second series premiered, fans were confused when another actress took on the role. After her exit, she continued acting while juggling her passion for dance. She’s since appeared in shows like The Office, Everybody Hates Chris, and the BET limited series The Soul Man. 

Jennifer Freeman

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Freeman replaced Raycole as Claire Kyle in season 2. Unlike the initial personality of her character, Freeman’s version was a lot more ditzy, which took viewers some time to adjust to. Her character became loved mostly for her relationship with her extremely Christian boyfriend, Tony. While the show was still on air, Freeman appeared in the dance movie, You Got Served. After the show, she had roles on The O.C., One on One, and News Half Radio. She took a break from acting when she married Portland Trail Blazer’s Earl Watson Jr. and gave birth to their daughter in 2009. Their relationship was contentious and short-lived. She returned to the acting scene and had a role in BET’s The Real Husbands of Hollywood, as well as a few films streamed on Netflix and other services. She now focuses on her YouTube channel while acting and raising her daughter.

Parker McKenna Posey

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Posey played the adorable baby of the bunch, Kady. Her cute face got her out of the most trouble. She later “dated” her child-prodigy mini beau, Franklin. She continued to act, having roles in shows like iCarly and television movies Alice Upside Down and Meet the Santas.  Fans were stunned when she grew up and blossomed into one of the most in-demand sex symbols of today. She currently stars in the BET sports drama, Games People Play.

Noah Gray-Cabey

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Gray-Cabey played a child prodigy on the show as Kady’s brilliant miniature boyfriend, Franklin. Art must imitate life because it turned out the Gray-Cabey’s child prodigy act was real. He began playing the piano at four-years-old and his skills caught mainstream attention. He was featured on shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show and Ripley’s Believe it or Not while he toured as a professional pianist. He was the youngest with an orchestra in the Sydney Opera House in Australia. After the show ended he has roles in M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water,Pizza Man, and most notably the show Heroes. He went on to enroll in Harvard’s class of 2016.

Meagan Good

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Good played the role of Vanessa, Junior’s girlfriend who became pregnant. She only starred in one season before her role was transferred to another actress to play the part. Acting since her childhood, she continued to land roles in mega productions, including the Think Like A Man franchise, Jumping The Broom and Anchorwoman. Good married pastor and film producer, DeVon Franklin, in 2012. They released the New York Times best-selling book, The Wait, which told their story of celibacy before marriage. Good remains a top actress in the industry.

Brooklyn Sudano

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Daughter of disco-Queen Donna Summer, Sudano took the role as Vanessa and played on the show for its final two seasons. When the show ended, she continued to act and model, appearing in national campaigns for Clairol and Clean and Clear. She appeared in shows like Cuts and the Flashdance inspired film Turn the Beat Around

My Wife and Kids currently airs reruns on Fuse.