Where Are the Members of B2K Today?

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally published Feb. 25, 2020.]

B2K was only active as a group for four years, but in their short time, they become one of the biggest selling and most popular boybands of all time. The group released three albums, one of which was for the soundtrack to their popular dance flick You Got Served. 

B2K 2001 | Denise Truscello/WireImage

Their split was contentious and fans were devastated, which is why when they reunited after 15 years for a 2019 tour, fans packed venues. Unfortunately, their reunion didn’t last. The group members are now focused on their individual projects again. Some are continuing music while others have ridden the reality television train.


The lead singer of the group, Omarion, had the most commercial solo success after the group’s split. He just celebrated the 15th year anniversary of his debut album, O, which debuted at number one the first week of its release on the Billboard Top 200 Charts. The album generated three top singles: “O,” “Touch,” and “I’m Tryna.”

He participated in several tours, including a joint tour with rapper Bow Wow, after they released a joint album Face Off in 2007. The same year, he released his sophomore follow-up, 21, and released two singles “Ice Box” and “Entorgouge.” 

His biggest hit since his debut release was his collaboration with Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko, “Post To Be.” The song reached No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also peaked in the top ten on Urban Radio chart, Rhythmic chart, and the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

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Omarion appeared on the first two seasons of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood with his former girlfriend, Apryl Jones. He left the show to focus on his music after the success of “Post To Be.” His relationship with Jones ended shortly after the birth of their second child.

Omarion reunited with B2K for a U.S. tour in 2019 that sold out in every city. The tour was met with negative press due to the behind the scenes drama with him, Jones and Fizz. He is now on the second leg of the tour, without his bandmates. 


Fizz was the rapper of the group. After the group split, he tried his hand at a solo career, releasing his debut EP, Payday, in 2007 on iTunes as a digital download release. The EP did not perform well so he set his sights on becoming a music executive.

He reconnected with his former B2K member J-Boog to launch their own record label, Popular Entertainment. Under the label, they released a 5-song EP, Night Life, available for digital download on iTunes in 2009. in 2015, he released a single, “Good Lotion.”

Since the inaugural season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, he’s been a main cast member. His relationship drama with his ex, Moniece Slaughter, and their custody issues, have been well played out. He later entered into a relationship with Omarion’s ex and later claimed that he and Omarion were not as close as they displayed their relationship to be in previous seasons. He and Jones have since split. Fizz also appeared on Marriage Bootcamp: Hip-Hop Edition with one of his exes. 

He reunited for the B2K tour in 2019 but is not on the second leg, with many suspecting that he was dropped from the roster due to his relationship with Jones.


With the exception of the EP he did with Fizz, J-Boog opted to not release other music and focused on acting after B2K split. He partnered with Marques Houston to become Vice President and Producer B2K’s former manager’s film production company, Footage Films. He also acted in a few films, including Step Up 2: The Streets. Boog also was cast in an ensemble of an off-Broadway stage production.

Like Omarion and Fizz, Boog has been a featured cast member on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, mainly as a mediator between Fizz and Omarion in recent seasons. After not being invited to participate on the second leg of BSK’s tour, Boog blamed Fizz for what he considered a betrayal to Omarion over his relationship with Jones. 

Boog is a father and recently welcomed another child into his family, announcing the birth on his Instagram account.


Raz-B was once considered the problem child of the group. He moved to China, where he lived for almost a decade, working in music, fashion and learned the language.

He played a major role in the group reuniting for a tour in 2019 and his performance received great reviews. Unfortunately, some of his old patterns resurfaced, and he missed several shows before leaving the tour altogether.

He has since has focused on his mental health and getting his career back to where he wants.