Where Can You Stream ‘Days of Our Lives’?

Days of Our Lives premiered in 1965 and has since entertained fans with gripping stories about people in the fictional town of Salem. The show has 55 seasons so far, which is a testament to how much viewers continue to support this soap opera.

Like the other daytime soaps that are still around, Days of Our Lives air every weekday. Of course, not everyone will have time to catch the episodes as they air live on TV. For those who prefer to stream shows via the Internet, there are a few options to watch the latest episodes of Days of Our Lives.

Is ‘Days of Our Lives’ on Netflix or Hulu?

NBC's 'Days of Our Lives' sign
NBC’s ‘Days of Our Lives’ | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Unfortunately for Netflix and Hulu users, Days of Our Lives is not on either of these services. Netflix does not have any of the four current and major daytime soaps, and Hulu only has General Hospital.

However, for those who have a Hulu account that comes with live TV, there is an option to record shows as they air. A standard account comes with 50 hours of DVR space, and you can upgrade to 200 hours. Each episode of Days of Our Lives is only about 30 minutes long, so the amount of DVR storage available will allow you to easily record a large number of episodes to rewatch at your own pace (and without commercial breaks).

NBC has the most recent episodes of ‘Days of Our Lives’

Regardless of whether you have a Hulu account with live TV or not, anyone can watch Days of Our Lives on NBC platforms. NBC is the network that owns the show, and it is the best place to catch up on what has been happening in Salem.

You can stream every episode that has aired in the past few months for free on the NBC website or the NBC app. You can watch up to 100 episodes available right at your fingertips.

The iTunes store also a selection of episodes

For those who would like to watch older seasons of Days of Our Lives, unfortunately, there is not an easy way to do that since the episodes provided on NBC platforms only go back a few months.

However, the iTunes store does have a small selection of episodes from 2019, 2018, and even 2013. You can purchase each one for $1.99.

The ‘Days of Our Lives’ app has clips and exclusive content

Fans of the show should also download the Days of Our Lives app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The app has exclusive content like fun interviews with the cast members and a chance to ask the actors/actresses questions about their characters. There is also a video vault where one can watch clips from older episodes.

Additionally, NBC has launched a short spin-off show called the Last Blast Reunion on the app. It reunites several characters from Days of Our Lives‘ 2000 season and is meant to be a class reunion where the characters reminisce on their pasts. However, at some point, the story “takes an unexpected turn with some shocking twists that will keep viewers at the edge of their seats all the way to the surprise ending.”

“We are excited to bring together some of the most beloved characters from Days of Our Lives in the next DOOL App series,” co-executive producer Greg Meng said. “As this new digital platform continues to grow, we can provide exciting additional content to complement the air show on NBC.”

The episodes of Last Blast Reunion are released weekly on the mobile app.