Where Did Sarah Ferguson Go After She Was ‘Forced To Leave’ the Royal Family’s Summer Home?

Ever since Princess Eugenie got married in October 2018 her mother, Sarah Ferguson, has slowly been brought back into the royal fold. Fergie and Prince Andrew appear closer than ever and have been spotted at several royal events together. However, not everyone in the Duke of York‘s family is so welcoming to his ex-wife and willing to let bygones be bygones.

That reality affected the duchess‘ trip to the royal family’s summer home in Scotland and she and Andrew ended up leaving the estate early. So where in the world is Fergie now? Here’s more on the unlikely place she was just spotted and why she had to leave Balmoral in the first place.

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson | Waseem Gashroo/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Why Ferguson left Balmoral early

The Duchess of York has had to leave the queen’s summer residence early more than once in her life.

The first time was in 1992 after the tabloids published pictures of her sunbathing topless with her toes in the mouth of American financial advisor, John Bryan. The royals reportedly saw those photos for the first time as they were flipping through the newspaper while trying to enjoy their breakfast in the morning. The sheer embarrassment coupled with the anger directed at Ferguson by some royals because she was still married to Andrew, although they were separated, reportedly led to Fergie’s early exit from the vacation home.

Several years later, Her Majesty invited her former daughter-in-law back to the estate for summer holidays with Andrew and their daughters. This year though Prince Philip, who still hasn’t forgiven Fergie for that toe-sucking scandal and the damage he believes she did to the family’s reputation, arrived in Scotland ahead of schedule.

A royal insider told The Daily Mail that “In previous years the duchess has left the day before the queen’s husband arrives. This year he arrived several days earlier than expected, which is rather strange, so the duchess left.”

Where the duchess was spotted

After Fergie left Balmoral, Prince Andrew reportedly did the same.

Some reports claimed that the exes flew to Malaga together to stay at their summer home near Gibraltar. But many other publications reported that she was in the U.S. after a photo of the duchess in Massachusetts showed up on the same day she was thought to be in Spain.

The Instagram photo was shared by a TV reporter in Boston, who tagged the picture to Norwood, Massachusetts. However, the pic is from an event that took place last month and was just posted late to the account, leading many to believe that Fergie is in fact vacationing in Spain with Prince Andrew.

Prince Philip and Fergie’s feud may never end

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Philip
Sarah Ferguson and Prince Philip | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

As for Fergie’s relationship with her father-in-law, it was thought that Philip may have been ready to bury the hatchet after attending Princess Eugenie’s wedding and posing for photos the duchess was also in. But the news that she had to leave early because he arrived paints a different picture.

It’s not just Philip though. It’s also been reported that Prince Charles is no fan of his brother’s former wife either.

“Charles is not OK with Fergie. He can’t stand her in reality,” a source previously told The Sun. “He thinks she’s brought embarrassment to the royal family in the past and his relationship with his brother has been strained as a result. They don’t get on personally. There’s so much baggage because he feels she sided with Diana over Camilla all those years ago.”

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