Where Does Mark Cuban Live and How Big Is His House?

After Mark Cuban sold his software company for $6 million and then his online radio business for over $7 billion, he became one of the richest men in the world. While he is known for some of his crazy investments that he makes on ABC’s hit reality show Shark Tank, one of the most notable investments he made was when bought the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.

He is known as one of the most outspoken owners that the Mavericks have ever seen. He is also credited with making the Mavericks more valuable than they have ever been before.

When Cuban is not busy making millions of dollars or supporting his beloved team to victory, he is relaxing in his lavish homes. So, where does one of the richest men in the world lay his head at night? Keep reading to hear all about Cuban’s extravagant digs.

Mark Cuban’s Texas home

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban | Joe Buglewicz/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Cuban owns an extravagant mansion that is nestled inside of one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Dallas. He is not the only celebrity that lives in this neighborhood. Former President George W. Bush and pro golfer Jordan Spieth live right down the road from Cuban. 

Cuban enormous house looks like it was built for a king. His 23, 676 square foot home is so big that the exterior looks more like a five-star hotel than it does a single-family home. The inside of the home features 10 bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms, six half-baths, five fireplaces, five wet bars, and a wine cellar.

Cuban converted one of the bedrooms into his home office. His home office features several desks, a few computers, and a lot of clutter. His office may look a mess, but he still says that it is his favorite room in the entire house and it is where he spends most of his time when he is at home.

Cubin’s yard is just as elaborate as the inside of the house. The front yard features a long, winding driveway that curves around a huge fountain and leads up to a multi-car garage that is bigger than most people’s house.

The backyard features a full-sized tennis court, a basketball court, and an inground swimming pool that sits in front of a large cabana. There is also a three-story guest house that sits in the far back corner of his backyard.

We don’t know exactly how many rooms are in the guest house. However, we assume that whoever stays in the guest house has a hard time leaving when it’s time to go home.

Mark Cuban’s vacation home

When you have as much money as Cuban does, a five-star hotel just won’t do. That is why the Shark Tank star has bought a lavish vacation home to stay at when he visits Laguna Beach.

According to Forbes, the home is worth $19 million and sits in the prestigious seaside community called The Montage. The 7,800 square foot home features six bedrooms and nine bathrooms and every inch of the home is decorated with rich wooden accents. The interior of the home also features a home theater room, a full gym, a wine cellar, and a library.

Cuban can also entertain guests on his lavish back patio. The patio features a grill, a wine cooler, and a pizza oven. Guest can sit on the elaborate patio furniture or dip their feet in the large pool that sits just beyond the patio.

Does Cuban have any kids?

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If Cuban’s homes seem too big for one person, it’s because he didn’t buy them for only himself to enjoy. Cuban has been married to his wife, Tiffany, since 2002. They have three kids together. Their oldest daughter, Alexis, is 16 years old; their youngest daughter, Alyssa is 12 years old; and their son is 9 years old. 

According to Country Living, even though Cuban has a lot of money, he and his wife make sure that their kids are living a fairly normal life. The couple does not hire butlers or maids and the kids are required to pick up after themselves and do a few chores. Like most other families, Cuban and his wife cook dinner for their children and put their kids to bed each night.