Where Is The Cast Of ‘Moesha’ Today?

After Brandy confirmed that a reboot of her popular sitcom Moesha was in the works, fans are eager to learn which stars will be reprising their roles. Shar Jackson, who starred as one of Moesha’s best friends, recently spoke about the impact the show had on Black culture and has fans even more excited about the show’s return. 

The show was innovative in its narrative: a coming of age story of an African American teenage girl from the Crenshaw section of LA trying to navigate family, love, academics, and a social life. For six long seasons, fans followed the lives of Moesha and her main circle as she developed into a young woman. 

Most know that Brandy, who starred as Moesha, continued with her musical and acting success. While fans wait anxiously, here’s an update on what the cast has been doing since the show went off air. 

Sheryl Lee Ralph 

Ralph starred as Deidre “Dee” Mitchell, the high school principal turned stepmother to Moesha. Moesha is not initially receptive to Dee as she struggles with accepting that her father has moved on since her mother’s death. As the show progresses, Dee becomes a confidant for Moesha, especially as her father’s failure to let her make her own mistakes presses on.

Ralph left as series regular after season 5 due to her not agreeing with the direction of the show. She was turned off by the storyline that her husband had an illegitimate child that he abandoned and raised as his nephew.

“It broke my heart because I really felt that Moesha the series filled such a void when it came to great images of family, Black American families,” she revealed in an episode of TV One’s Unsung. “And you mean to tell me that this Black man is a liar?”

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Prior to Moesha, Ralph was already an accomplished actress and singer, having starred in the original Broadway production of Dreamgirls. She’s continued acting, having a starring role in the Nickelodeon series, Instant Mom, alongside Tia Mowry.

She married a senator, Vincent Huges, and became heavily involved in his efforts. She’s also a major advocate in the fight against HIV/AIDS, hosting an annual concert and fundraiser to bring awareness to the virus.

William Allen Young

Young played the role of Frank Mitchell, Moesha’s overprotective father. He owns his own car dealership and runs a tight ship at home. His world is rocked when he reveals that the nephew he takes in as a teenager is actually his biological son, who was birthed out of an affair during his marriage to Moesha’s mom. The revelation causes a rift between him and Moesha, as well as resentment from Dorian. Dee is initially upset but ultimately forgives him.

Young reunited with Brandy when they both had roles on The Game. He continued acting and also works as an advocate for education among the youth, working in educational enrichment – as well as exposing young folk to the creative and performing arts.

Marcus T. Paulk

Paulk starred as Moesha’s younger brother, Miles. He is the annoying sibling, bothering Moesha and her friends every chance he gets. He gets into his fair share of trouble, vying for his parent’s attention as they are so focused on Moesha’s life. 

Paulk tried his hand at rapping after the series ended. He continued acting with roles in Roll Bounce, Another Cinderella Story Take the Lead, Red Tails, and Sister Code. 

He got into some legal trouble when he was arrested for driving under the influence and drug possession – as well as domestic violence.

Countess Vaughn

Vaughn starred as Moesha’s best friend, Kimberly “Kim” Ann Parker – the silly, fashion buff and party girl of the bunch. She’s most beloved for her fascination with Hakeem. Vaughn left the series after season 4 for her own comedy spinoff series, The Parkers, which documented her and her mother attending the same junior college.

The relationship between Vaughn and Brandy was tense. There were constant reports of arguments between the two stars with Brandy admitting in a magazine interview that Vaughn boasted that the show was a success because of her. The Parkers lasted for five successful seasons, with Brandy making one appearance.

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Vaughn had a difficult time after the show. A talented singer, she was offered several record deals but issues with her self esteem got in her way. She struggled publicly with her weight, appearing alongside Jackson on Celebrity Fit Club, failing to shed any pounds. She also was a competitor on Celebrity Rap Superstar and a cast member for three seasons on Hollywood Divas which chronicled her desire to get back into acting. 

Lamont Bently

Bently starred as Moesha’s male pal/freeloader, Hakeem. Raised by a single mom, he works hard in school to get into college where he pays his own way through. He eventually becomes Moesha’s final love interest in the series.

Bently had a few guest appearances on The Parkers, starred as Tupac Shakur in the biopic about MC Hammer and had a string of television appearances in shows like The Proud Family, NYBD Blue, and the animated Disney series The Proud Family.

He was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 2005 at the age of 31.

Shar Jackson

Jackson was initially only hired to appear in the pilot episode but producers loved her so much that they wrote her in as a recurring cast member, Niecy Jackson. Her character became more of an integral part after Vaughn’s exit and she became Moesha’s best friend and college roommate. Despite her kissing Moesha’s boyfriend, they were able to repair their friendship.

Jackson was tabloid gossip for years after her boyfriend, Kevin Federline, left her while she was pregnant for Brittney Spears. She spent the next few years trying to rebuild her life and career and bounce back from the public humiliation. She had a role in a made for television film and also dabbled in reality television on Celebrity Rap Superstar, Hollywood Divas, and Celebrity Fit Club. 

Fredro Starr

Starr was a member of the rap group Onyx whose breakout acting role was as Moesha’s bad-boy boyfriend, Q. Born and raised in New York, the aspiring rapper works as a barber in his father’s shop and fights to keep his relationship with Moesha together despite her father’s wishes.

After the series, he continued working with Onyx and acting, with roles in Save The Last Dance, Ride, and Light It Up.

Starr alleged that he and Brandy had a romantic relationship during the show’s run, though Brandy has never spoken on his claims.

Yvette Wilson

Wilson played the role of Andell, the owner of the local diner, The Den, which is Moesha and her crew’s hangout spot. She becomes a big sister figure to Moesha, with the young star even living with her for a few months when she moves out of her parent’s house. She also dated Moesha’s uncle for some time.

Wilson moved over to The Parkers after season four of Moesha ended. She died at the age of 48 in 2012 from cervical cancer. Most of the Moesha cast attended her funeral.

Ray J

Ray J had several appearances on the show as different characters before he landed a recurring role as Dorian, Frank’s troubled nephew. The Mitchell’s take him in and he soon discovers he is actually Frank’s biological son, sending him on a downward spiral of more trouble. Out of fear that Dorian is negatively influencing Miles, Frank sends him off to Bootcamp. Dorian returns as a changed man.

Brandy’s real-life little brother has stepped out of his sister’s shadow, building his own media empire as the King of reality television with his own VH1 show For The Love of Ray J and a cast member on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. He and Brandy also had a VH1 family reality series. Ray J now owns his own electronic company, becoming one of the wealthiest in the tech field, and recently acquired Suge Knight’s empire.