Where Is the House From ‘A Christmas Story’?

A Christmas Story is a holiday season classic. The film, which follows the life of Ralphie Parker as he petitions his parents for a bb gun for Christmas, is so beloved that TBS shows a marathon of the film every Christmas Eve. The Parker family’s house is, perhaps, the most recognizable thing from the entire movie, but do you know where it’s located?

How did A Christmas Story become a cult classic?

A Christmas Story has become a holiday classic, often appearing on top holiday movie lists alongside classics like It’s A Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34the Street. However, the flick wasn’t expected to be a massive hit and only experienced mild success when it debuted in 1983. It received mixed reviews, too. Roger Ebert, the famed movie critic, loved the movie, but The New York Times hated it. 

Years later, it has experienced more success than most holiday-themed movies. The question is, why. Everyone has a different opinion as to how the low-budget film became a classic. From a business perspective, it has benefited greatly from cable television, which picked up the film and showed it to new generations. The real appeal likely comes from the nostalgia of the film, though. While it is set in the 1940s, kids from every generation can remember the magic of getting exactly what they wanted for Christmas. Revisiting that moment with Ralphie each year brings fans back to a simpler time. 

Where is the house from A Christmas Story?

Ralphie and his family, including his little brother Randy and mother and father, lived in a small town in Indiana. The house, in the film, was located on Cleveland Street. The movie, inspired by Jean Shepherd’s book In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash, was set in Indiana because of Shepherd’s work. Shepherd was raised in Hammond, Indiana.

The house from 'A Christmas Story' in Cleveland, Ohio
The house from ‘A Christmas Story’ | David Ploenzke/Getty Images

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While the film was set in Indiana, the house from the film is located in Cleveland, Ohio. The West 11th Street home was used for all exterior shots in the movie and a few of the interior scenes. However, the majority of interior scenes were filmed in Toronto, as were the shopping scenes. 

You can actually visit the Cleveland, Ohio house

Superfans of the movie have a chance to visit the actual location and even tour the house. According to A Christmas Story House, Brian Jones, a massive fan of the movie, took his love of the film to a whole different level when he purchased the house from the movie and transformed it into a business. Jones later bought a home across the street and turned it into a museum.

Fans can even stay in the neighborhood for the night. Superfans can rent out a home that is crafted to mimic the house of the Bumpus Family, the Parker’s neighbors. For a higher fee, they can stay in the actual home of the Parkers. According to the business’ official website, the museum and house tours are still operating amid the Coronavirus pandemic, but all guests over the age of 2 are required to wear masks. Terms may change depending on changing restrictions. The Coronavirus pandemic is a constantly evolving situation.