Which ‘The Bachelor’ Star Has the Highest Net Worth And How Did He Make His Money?

The Bachelor has been gracing our television screens since 2002. Over the past 17 years, the show has seen its share of bachelors both loved and hated by viewers. Nowadays, it seems that anyone who goes on the show instantly becomes an “influencer” and suddenly reaches a level of reality fame that, years ago, nobody would have expected. But do those thousands — or millions — of Instagram followers actually translate into a high net worth? Here are the richest men to ever appear on the show.

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison has hosted ‘The Bachelor’ since its premiere | Paul Hebert/ Getty Images

‘The Bachelor’ seems to make everyone famous these days

When The Bachelor first premiered, the men on the show would make names for themselves, but the show didn’t have the same impact on their careers that it has today. Now, with social media having become an integral part of our society, the stars of the show often gain hundreds of thousands of social media followers (sometimes even millions) for appearing on the show; they then receive endorsement deals for their massive social media presence and seemingly become overnight influencers making thousands of dollars per post. But aside from that, some of the show’s stars have accumulated massive net worths in other ways.

Travis Stork, the doctor and talk show host, is worth $12 million

Travis Stork appeared on season 8 of The Bachelor. At the time, he was doing his residency to become an emergency room doctor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Since appearing on the show, Stork’s career has taken off. He officially became a doctor and went to work in both Tennessee and Colorado, where he was easily earning a six-figure salary. Stork later went on to host The Doctors, the daytime talk show that focuses on health topics. Today, he he’s worth an estimated $12 million.

Andrew Firestone of Firestone Tires is worth $50 million

If the name “Firestone” sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve probably heard it in reference to Firestone Tire, the tire and rubber company. Season 3’s bachelor, Andrew Firestone, is the great-grandson of Harvey Firestone, the company’s founder. But that’s not the only reason he has money. Firestone is the founder of StonePark Capital, a hospital firm based in Santa Barbara, California. The company reportedly invests in and develops various hotels. His relation to the tire company along with the founding of his own company have earned him a net worth of $50 million.

Lorenzo Borghese, an Italian prince, is worth $50 million

Lorenzo Borghese appeared on season 9 of The Bachelor, and he is one of the show’s most unique bachelor’s to date — that is, because he’s a prince. Borghese is the granddaughter of Princess Marcella Borghese of Italy, best known for founding the successful Borghese cosmetics line. But Lorenzo Borghese is also known for founding The Royal Treatment, a long of beauty products (and beauty products for pets). His product line, along with his family’s wealth, has earned him a net worth of $50 million.

Borghese and Firestone hold very similar net worths, tying them for the show’s wealthiest bachelors of all time.