Which ‘Below Deck’ Crew Member Is Semi-Retired?

Many Below Deck crew members have many more years of work ahead. However, at least one crew member has figured out how to cut down on the number of hours he works and says he’s “semi” retired.

Ben Robinson, Eddie Lucas
Ben Robinson, Eddie Lucas |Ali Goodwin/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Bravo caught up with some of the crew from seasons 1 through 7 and asked if they were still in yachting today. While most still work in the yachting industry in one way or another, others have created businesses or have even gone back to school. Bosun Eddie Lucas shared he’s driving a tugboat but doesn’t have to work crazy hours. “I drive a tugboat in [the] Baltimore harbor,” he shares in a digital original. “I do ship assist work, got my 1600 ton license, so it’s been good. I’ve been working a lot.”

But then Lucas adds, “But [I’m] semi-retired because I work two weeks on, two weeks off. So it’s a great schedule.” Lucas seems to have the ideal work schedule, but what about the other crew members?

These yachties are branching out

Second stew Amy Johnson is really spreading her professional wings. “Occasionally, once in a while, I’ll freelance for great captains and families,” she says. “But I’ve had a home business helping people get financial freedom by sharing great products for the last few years. I have a great group of girls and people that I work with. I’m creating and launching an active beach towel, a luxury beach towel, that really solves the problem that yachts have with laundry and sand and packing for beach excursions.”

Plus, “My man and I are buying a vintage furniture store up here in the next few months,” Johnson continues. “So we’re in the process of doing that. So a lot of crazy things going on but it’s a great time to be alive.”

Deckhand David Bradberry is about to embark upon an MBA program, plus he’s creating a film production company with a friend called Tone Films. “Up until recently I was a chief of staff at a chain of podiatry clinics,” he shares.

Many crew members are still in the industry

Chef Ben Robinson recently appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean, but he also maintains a land-based business too. “I do event catering, I do big parties, small parties,” he says. “I also do corporate demonstrations, corporate catering. I take over restaurants, I go to people’s houses.” Robinson also has his own line of knives and apparel.

Third stew Jen Howell is now a chief stew. “I made my way all the way up to chief stew and unfortunately I ended up injuring myself,” she says. “I broke a rib and I ended up not being able to work after that but I’m just being a mom to my 11-year-old little girl, which is amazing and homeschooling her.”

Second stew Kat Held says she too is still in yachting. “Last summer I was a chief stew on a boat, so I’ve done it every summer,” she says. Deckhand Connie Arias has moved into management. “I have a boat management company in Melbourne, Florida,” she remarks. “I work for some of the best people with the nicest boats in our town. And I do a lot of maintenance keep up, detailing. I make sure that their nice boat stays a nice boat.”