Which ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Crew Member Packed a Ukulele for the Season?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht gave viewers a sneak peek into what the crew packed for their season 1 adventure. Although some crew members brought obvious items, others insisted that packing musical instruments were vital to enjoying a decent charter.

The Cayman Islands Flag on board the "Honor" luxury yacht in April 2012
The Cayman Islands Flag on board the “Honor” luxury yacht in April 2012 | Ali Goodwin/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Of course, crew members like chef Adam Glick brought a camera, along with his signature line of knives. A quick sweep of Glick’s Instagram explains why the crossover chef travels with his high-end camera. He lives in a tricked out van with dog Tex and captures breathtaking nature shots almost on a daily basis.

While other crew members share that they also travel with a camera, some reveal that they packed some pretty unique and offbeat items too. So what did the crew of Parsifal III include in their bags?

In case the crew busts out into an impromptu jam session

Two crew members packed a musical instrument. Deckhand Parker McCown proudly shared that this is a must-pack. “First off, you’ve got my ukulele,” McCown shares. “My dad bought me this before I left for Hawaii.” McGown also says he must have a “camouflage coozie” so “you can’t see me drinking.” Meanwhile, third stew Georgia Grobler travels with her tiny flask. “Not because I don’t love present company, it just helps everything go by faster,” she shares.

Potentially joining McCown in a jam sesh is first mate, Paget Berry. He also travels with an instrument. “The first thing I have with me is my guitar,” Berry remarks. “My baby guitar.” Berry also has a nice speaker to play music. “Speaker UA Megaboom,” he says showing the speaker. “Take it everywhere with me. Listen to it everywhere.”

Glick also shares his “favorite instrument.” He recently designed a set of folding chef’s knives, which he brought along with him for season 1. “It really helps for me to have a traveling chef’s kit,” he shares. “Basically everything you could possibly need to put on a gourmet meal.”

Captain Glenn has the right idea

Captain Glenn Shephard shared that he likes to pack light to avoid losing bags in transit. He also showed off two inventive bags that include just about everything you’d ever need. “This one’s called the kitchen sink because it’s got a little bit of everything,” Shephard says as he shows the neatly packed bag. He gestures to another bag. “That one is the bathroom sink because it’s the same idea but smaller.”

Most of the crew show off their sunglasses. Plus chief engineer, Byron Hissey likes to make sure he’s always looking sharp off charter. “I never go anywhere without a sport jacket,” he shares. “A dress shirt, you never know, and shoes.”

Deckhand Ciara Duggan also likes to bring one special comfort from home too. “This is my favorite stuffed animal,” she says plopping the comfy stuffed white seal on her bunk. Also, second stew Madison Stalker showed cameras her favorite sombrero. “Stole this from dinner while I was in Corfu,” she says plunking the hat on her bunk.