Which Cast Member From ‘RHONY’ Appeared in ‘Gossip Girl?’

If the subzero winter hasn’t been hot enough in Bravo-land it is about to get downright scorching. The Real Housewives of New York City is back (baby) so good luck catching your breath from the other steamy Bravo shows.

There’s lots of making out (between the ladies), more “Jovani” discussions and of course endless yelling and tears. Plus the show revisits, “Go to sleep,” orders from Bethenny Frankel. RHONY alum Jill Zarin appears to be back. And Barbara Kavovit joins the group, as Luann de Lesseps’ friend and support system.

Tinsley Mortimer /Getty Images for Big Apple Circus

And while each lady is an icon in her own right, one cast member not only has a longstanding reputation as a Manhattan socialite, she may be the inspiration for a character in the series, Gossip Girl. She also appeared in the series too.

Is Tinsley Mortimer the real Serena van der Woodsen?

Although it is more of a rumor, Mortimer is thought to be the inspiration for Gossip Girl character Serena van der Woodsen. Without fail, Mortimer was everything Serena represented on the series. Beauty, privilege and status as being Manhattan’s “it” girl.

Like her fictitious counterpart, the drama also followed Mortimer. She got into a very public feud with former friend Olivia Palermo, who was compared to Gossip Girls‘ Blair Waldorf. The messy fight was thought to be part of the Gossip Girl storyline.

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl | The CW

Mortimer also has an entrepreneurial spirit like Serena. Plus success seem to come easily to the signature blonde. “Tinsley built a successful personal brand that was launched with a line of handbags, Samantha Thavasa by Tinsley Mortimer; a clothing collection, Riccimie by Tinsley Mortimer, which was sold exclusively in Japan; and a tabletop collection,” according to her Bravo bio. “Tinsley then became the beauty ambassador for the iconic French fashion design house of Christian Dior and helped to create a lip gloss coined Tinsley Pink.”

She made a cameo in the series

Gossip Girl would not have been complete without a cameo from Mortimer. She made a few appearances in the series in 2008, plus in the 2012 documentary Gossip Girl: XO XO.

Mortimer appeared in season 2, doing what she did best–partying. The scene is set in the Hamptons at an infamous White Party. Jenny sneaks into the coveted event where Eric introduces her to Mortimer (playing herself).

She recalled her experience at the time with PopSugar.” TV called and asked me to be on it so I said ‘Yes I will Go!'” Gawker recounted. “And so I went to the beach house and they moved me in front of a movie camera and I said a few things and then it was over. Oh but I forgot the best part, when I got to the beach house I was rooting around in the old lobster traps that are under the porch and I found my shoe in one of them!”

Mortimer also inspired this character

Most recently, American Horror Story actress Leslie Grossman said that Mortimer was the inspiration for her character Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt in Apocalypse. “There are shades of Tinsley in my character this season, and there were moments where I thought of Tinsley when I was doing things,” Grossman shared with Nylon. “I think Tinsley is misunderstood; I think she is incredibly sweet and I felt terribly for her about what happened at that reunion.”

Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt wasn’t always the nicest last remaining human in the bunch. And truthfully was pretty spoiled on American Horror Story. So how did Mortimer feel about the charater? “Love this!!!” she tweeted along with a Newsweek article.

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