Which Duggar Siblings Are the Closest? You Might Be Surprised

The Duggar family is bursting with 19 children, so it’s no surprise that some will naturally grow closer than others. Since the Duggars were homeschooled growing up and taught by their mother, Michelle Duggar, the kids developed friendships among each other. But which Duggar siblings have the closest relationships?

Duggar family

The Duggar family | Duggar Family via Instagram

The children never attended public school or joined any sports teams

The Duggar children didn’t have too many opportunities to make friends growing up. Their mother homeschooled each of them, and the kids never joined any formal sports teams of any sort. The kids did spend plenty of time at their local church and volunteered a lot, so they were able to form some relationships through the years. This is also how quite a few of them met their spouses. But growing up all under one roof and learning together each day helped some Duggars form close relationships with other Duggars.

Jessa and Jinger Duggar have a tight-knit relationship

Jessa and Jinger have always been close. The two grew up just about one year apart, which helped them develop not only a sisterly bond but also a friendship bond. Plus, Jessa and Jinger developed a love for fashion while growing up, despite being limited by their parents to certain types of clothing. (The girls were not even allowed to wear pants.) As the sisters got older, they only grew closer. And eventually, Jessa and her husband, Ben, introduced Jinger to her now-husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger is also close with her younger brothers, Jedediah and Jeremiah

Jinger developed a close relationship with her older sister, but she also stays close to her younger brothers, Jedediah and Jeremiah. The two boys are twins, so it’s no wonder they’re close with one another, but Jinger has always had a strong sibling bond with them. Jinger even FaceTimed her twin brothers for their 20th birthdays this year, and she shared a loving photo to her Instagram story about how she couldn’t believe they’d gotten so old. Jinger likely acted as a sort of motherly figure to the boys while they grew up.

Jill is very close with Joy Anna — and so is Jessa

Jill acted motherly toward Joy Anna in the same way Jinger helped her brothers mature into young men. She helped Joy Anna with school when she was younger and looked after her while she grew up. As a result, the two formed a very close bond. Joy Anna even once admitted that Jill was her favorite after posting a photo with her big sister. And when Jill moved out of the house, Joy Anna took it the hardest. Jessa has also posted heartfelt photos with her younger sister in the past, showing they have a strong bond, too.

Jason, James, Justin, and Jackson have all formed a close bond

These four boys fall in the middle of the pack, and they’re the only teenage boys left in the family. It comes as no surprise that they’ve stuck together as they got older. They aren’t talked about too much compared to other Duggars, but they do spend plenty of time together doing what teenagers do.

Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie are best friends

These four girls are the youngest Duggars, and they fall many years behind some of their older siblings. They’ve grown up in the spotlight, yet they fly under the radar compared to their older sisters. The whole family is incredibly thankful for Josie, who was born prematurely and had several complications at birth. However, Josie was able to develop into a healthy child, making her nothing shy of a miracle baby for the entire family.

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