Which Famous Braxton Sisters Have Been Arrested?

The Braxton sisters have shared their talent with the world. From releasing timeless music to showcasing their acting chops, they have proved why they’ve earned a top spot in the entertainment business.

The Braxton sisters
The Braxton sisters 2011 | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Along with their talent, they’ve been an example of a successful family who’ve maintained their family unit by documenting their ups and downs on their WeTV reality show, Braxton Family Values. Fans have seen the good and bad with the Braxton sisters, including Trina getting arrested for drinking while driving. But another sister, Towanda, also has a mugshot.

Towanda Braxton was arrested and accused of forgery

Towanda appeared on a show featuring famed life coach, Iyanla Vanzant, titled Starting Over in 2004. The premise of the show was to help women who had dealt with personal turmoil transition to a better place in their lives. 

She spoke openly on the show about feeling like the black sheep of her family. Towanda also admitted that she was estranged from her family after the fallout from their father’s infidelity and divorce from their mother after 35 years. Additionally, she was upset after the group with her sisters disbanded. After a rough start, she successfully graduated from the program and reconciled with her younger sister Tamar. 

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That’s why it was shocking when just a year later, Towanda was arrested on charges of forgery. The blog, Say Watz Realz, documented her case in its entirety. According to the blog, Towanda faced criminal charges in Gwinnett County, Georgia and was accused of stealing checks from her previous employer, an insurance firm. Her former boss claimed that she stole three blank company checks when she was left alone in one of the corporate offices. She then allegedly tried to use one of the checks at a local liquor store. The check was processed but later rejected because of errors on the check and the liquor store contacted the company, who then notified the police. 

Towanda Braxton
Towanda Braxton 2014 | Prince Williams/FilmMagic

Towanda was arrested and told police that her boss willingly gave her the checks, which she denied. She was convicted in 2006 and sentenced to four years probation. Her sister Toni found out about the details of the arrest when Wendy Williams revealed them to her in a radio interview. 

The incident was not discussed on the show but Towanda has moved on and put her life together post her legal trouble. She recently filed for bankruptcy but continues to earn income for appearing on the reality show, as well as through acting gigs.

Trina Braxton was arrested for driving while under the influence 

Trina has been famously coined as the party girl of the bunch but one night of drinking cost her a mugshot. In the first season of the show, Trina was open about receiving a DUI after a night out in Atlanta. 

Source: YouTube

She hilariously relayed the information to her mother and sisters and was embarrassed to know that her mugshot would be released to the world. The singer recalled a prison guard demanding that she remove her hair wig in order to take their shot.

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Trina’s driver’s license was temporarily suspended and she was sentenced to community service. Though the mugshot photo was funny, driving while under the influence was not. Trina said that issues in her marriage led her drinking to spiral out of control. Her sisters staged an intervention with their family counselor, which Trina was not receptive to. After realizing she had an issue, she completed an alcohol detox and was able to become a social drinker. 

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Experiencing a DUI on the show helped her to get to a better place. She later turned her love of a good cocktail into a tapas bar and grill when she opened her own restaurant, Bar Chix.

The Braxton sisters have shown that an arrest is not the end of the world.