Which ‘Fast and the Furious’ Star Has the Highest Net Worth?

The Fast and the Furious franchise is one that continues producing stellar content year after year. The ninth film, Fast 9, is underway. The stars of the franchise have become big names in Hollywood since the first film released. Which Fast and the Furious cast member has the highest net worth?

Jordana Brewster: $12 million

'The Fast and the Furious' cast
Cast of the Fast and Furious franchise | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

From the first movie in the franchise, Jordana Brewster has been there playing Vin Diesel’s sister, Mia. Her character dated the late Paul Walker’s character, Brian. Brewster’s also made money working in other projects such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, ChuckAmerican Crime Story, and Dark Blue.

Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges: $25 million

Every rap fan knows Ludacris made the bulk of his money in the music industry as writer, producer, and rapper for himself as well as appearing on projects with others. Ludacris became a part of the franchise on Fast Five as Tej.

Tyrese Gibson: $10 million

As a singer and actor, Tyrese Gibson is among the cast members with the lowest paycheck. However, he still banks on music sales to keep a steady income. His first album released in 2001. In the Fast and the Furious movies, Gibson plays Roman. He’s also made his money in cinema successes like Transformers.

Michelle Rodriguez: $30 million

As the first lady, Letty, in the Fast franchise, Michelle Rodriguez doesn’t get the same pay as her male counterparts but still pulls in a nice check. She tends to stick to mostly Fast films and is subjective with other roles. Her credits are relatively minor such as the video short, 2031. There wouldn’t be a solid Fast film without Rodriguez holding down the fort.

Jason Statham: $50 million

Though Jason Statham is a relative newcomer to The Fast and the Furious movies, he’s been around in Hollywood for a while. Statham joined the cast in Furious 7, with the follow-up, Hobbs & Shaw, opposite Dwayne Johnson. That aside, recent projects include The Meg.

Charlize Theron: $130 million

Starring as the villain in Fate of the Furious may have been Charlize Theron’s first take in the Fast franchise but she escaped from the hero’s grasp. This means she could potentially return in the 9th installment. Theron’s had a lot of critical acclaim and successes throughout her career including Monster, Tully, and many more.

Vin Diesel: $200 million

As the head of all Fast and the Furious movies, Vin Diesel should have a pretty solid net worth. He produces, acts, directs, and is also a screenwriter. His 2001 debut as Dom led to Diesel’s other action-packed roles. Many also know him as the voice of Groot in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and Avengers: Endgame which also lends itself a big paycheck.

Dwayne Johnson: $280 million

The star with the biggest net worth from The Fast and Furious franchise may not come as a surprise. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in a lot of projects. He joined Fast 5 and became a fan favorite. As a former WWE wrestler who turned to a full-time actor, Johnson is the face behind hits like Jumanji, Central Intelligence, and many more.