Which Is The Wildest Season of ‘Below Deck?’

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The current season of Below Deck is proving to be one of the history books. From the worst accident in the show’s history to allegations of workplace harassment. Below Deck season six is certainly turning out to be a wild ride.

And while those who are late to the party may think this season is the wildest, they may need to check out another installment of Below Deck. Of course, each season of Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean have their own unique, off the chain characteristics. But season three of Below Deck may have been more than what Captain Lee Rosbach bargained for. Here’s why.

More people left (or were fired)

Part of the show is finding out who makes it. And who doesn’t. For the most part, the only other person to quit in addition to third stew Caroline Bedol is deckhand/second engineer, Don Abenante. Abenante often seemed confused about his duties. He was considered to be a deckhand, but liked to flaunt his engineering muscle instead. He often ignored bosun Eddie Lucas’ direction and do things as he saw fit. By the fourth show, Rosbach was well aware that Abenante wasn’t a team player. And while he called Abenante to the wheelhouse to discuss his attitude, Abenante didn’t want to hear it. He quit on the spot.

But then the deckhand who replaces Abenante gets promptly fired. Dane Jackson couldn’t seem to hold his liquor and would get drunk alone. Then he threatened the crew during a drunken tirade on a crew vacation.

Finally, Chef Leon Walker is also fired. He consistently butted heads with chief stew Kate Chastain. However, when the galley kitchen catches fire after dirty pans contribute to a kitchen fire, Leon gets his plane ticket home.

A scandalous hookup went down

Third stew Raquel “Rocky” Dakota gets it on (in the laundry room) with Lucas. Unfortunately, Lucas has a girlfriend back home. And when he realizes he shouldn’t have been hooking up with Dakota he ghosts her for the rest of the charter season. This drives Dakota crazy as she confides in deckhand Emile Kotze, who is actually in love with Dakota.

Toward the end, Lucas is confronted about the affair and he flatly denies it. He keeps up the lie until the last party of the season, where he finally comes clean. He still wants to reunite with his girlfriend. However, Dakota insists they hooked up again after filming ended at the reunion.

Plus there was an accident (that could have been bad)

The kitchen fire could have gotten out of hand as it occurred later in the evening after Walker went to bed. So, it was up to Chastain to feed hungry guests after hours. She put a pizza in the oven and went back to attend to the guests’ needs. Unfortunately, the oven contained greasy pans, which contributed to creating a pretty decent fire inside the oven.

“The fire in the galley was your fault. Period,” Rosbach wrote in his blog at the time. “The clean, dry sheet pans in the oven were neither clean nor dry. Kate put the popcorn in the microwave and a frozen pizza in the oven, doing a job that was clearly yours. Frozen pizza, why? Because the chef is getting his beauty sleep.” Thankfully, Lucas extinguished it quickly.

She made serious allegations against Kate Chastain

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Recently, Bedol dropped some serious allegations against Chastain. In addition to workplace harassment claims, Bedol insists Chastain drank alcohol while on charter. During the reunion, Dakota made the same accusation. She said Chastain was drinking when the fire broke out in the kitchen. “Actually during the fire, there was a mug with wine in it that Kate had been drinking,” Dakota alleged during the reunion.

“I actually wasn’t that shocked when Rocky accused me of drinking,” Chastain told All About the Tea, Bravo reports. “She has no boundaries and will say or do anything if she thinks it is to her benefit, regardless of truth or reason. I think at that point in the reunion, Rocky was feeling overwhelmed with all of the negative feedback she was receiving and resorted to finger-pointing and blame-shifting, which is sad and not surprising.”

And two crew members refused to attend the reunion

Bedol now says she is not invited to the reunion. And while it is unusual for a crew member to be “blackballed” from the gathering, two members from season three refused to show up. Walker posted a lengthy missive about why he could not attend. Chastain said she was disappointed he didn’t show. “I was disappointed however that he chose not to attend, as I would have loved for both Andy and Ben to meet him and witness firsthand what I had to deal with for five long weeks,” she told All About the Tea.

Another no-show from that season? Jackson didn’t turn up. And no one seemed too concerned either.

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