Which Jodeci Member Has the Highest Net Worth?

The platinum-selling R&B supergroup, Jodeci, was fiercely dominant on the music charts in the 1990s. With hits including, “Forever My Lady,” and “Love U 4 Life,” the quartet achieved critical and commercial success. Although they have maintained a lower profile in recent years, the four artists have sustained considerable wealth. Here’s the scoop on how the Jodeci members stack up today when it comes to net worth.

Jodeci | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The Jodeci phenomenon

Joel “JoJo” Hailey, Cedric “K-Ci” Hailey, Donald “DeVante Swing,” and Dalvin DeGrate are two pairs of brothers from the deep south. The four North Carolina-bred performers form Jodeci, the legendary R&B group with smooth vocals and a rough edge.

Spotify notes that the four singers grew up performing gospel music as members of the Pentecostal church. With aspirations to take their music mainstream, they headed to New York City, where Uptown founder, Andre Harrell, signed them to a deal.

Jodeci circa 1992
Jodeci circa 1992 | Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

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K-Ci Hailey spoke about Harrell’s business prowess and how the music executive branded Jodeci as R&B bad boys. Rolling Stone quoted Hailey as saying this:

He groomed us the way he wanted us, but let us have our freedom, too. This was when R&B was coming back in the ‘90s. He knew Boyz II Men were coming out. That was our kind of rival right there. Dre and Puffy, at the time, they didn’t want Jodeci in the suits like Boyz II Men. They wanted us to have that hip-hop edge. Dre marketed us like that, called us bad boys, but we wasn’t bad boys — that was just part of the image he put us in. That was clever. We stood apart from Boyz II Men — or any group that came up before or after Jodeci. He knew how to make you into a star.

K-Ci Hailey in Rolling Stone

The Jodeci success story

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Harrell, it seems, was onto something. In 1991, the band released their debut album, Forever My Lady, under Uptown Records. With more sensual lyrics than their clean-cut R&B rivals, Jodeci’s album attained triple platinum status, launching the group into stratospheric fame. They quickly followed with the double-platinum album, Diary of a Mad Band, in 1993 and platinum-seller The Show, The After Party, The Hotel, in 1994.

The foursome went on to garner success with individual projects before returning to the studio for another collaboration in 2015. The Past, The Present, The Future. Although their fourth album did not reach the status of the previous three, many loyal fans saw it as a welcome addition to Jodeci’s robust music catalog.

The Jodeci fortune

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Jodeci reached remarkable success recording and performing as a foursome. They also added to their individual fortunes with other writing, producing, and singing gigs. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joel “JoJo” Hailey maintains an estimated $1 million in wealth, while his brother, Cedric “K-Ci” Hailey tops him with an estimated $3 million.The outlet estimates that DeGrate boasts a $4.5 million fortune, but his sibling, Swing, tops all three of his bandmates with $5 million in estimated total wealth.