Which Kardashian Is a Model?

The Kardashians are so ubiquitous in pop culture, most people assume they’ve all done modeling at one time or another. While some have dated models, only one is considered a real model in the modern sense. However, you could call all of them models in a metaphorical sense when you remember they’ve all helped shape the social media (e.g. Instagram) era.

To give a better definition on which Kardashian is truly a working model, let’s look at the history of each sister. You might come away with a different idea of what a model really is over the last two decades.

Can we call Kourtney Kardashian a model?

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As the oldest of the Kardashian kids, Kourtney was also one of the first to use social media to her advantage in becoming an influencer in fashion and endorsing products.

She’s also a big part of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which is still as popular as ever. While Kourtney never did professional modeling, she’s used social media as a form of it in recent years. Unfortunately, her first claim to fame was due to a sex tape scandal from Kim and Kourtney’s former boyfriend, Ray J.

KUwtK started not long after, making her the definitive model of turning superstar from a reality show. Once places like Instagram became mainstream, we’ve seen Kourtney continue to promote fashion brands there, creating a digital form of modeling. It’s no doubt a lot less stressful than having to strut down a catwalk every week.

Can we call Khloé Kardashian a model?

The third oldest Kardashian sister does have the term “model” on her resume. Of course, this is relational again since she’s involved in running retail and fashion industries with her siblings.

Despite having children, she’s managed to keep her body looking model quality in recent years. It seems to be a part of the Kardashian mantra to take their physical health seriously and always look like a supermodel.

Khloé managed to more or less model through her social media accounts as well. She still models fashions there and often gets away with looking younger than her 34 years.

Is Kim Kardashian also a model?

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We know about all the business interests Kim Kardashian has. Most of her time is spent raising her three (soon four) kids and running her own business ventures. As a result, she’s certainly not spending time on modeling runways.

Even so, you see her posing in many of her Instagram and Twitter posts wearing something fashionable. As we’ve seen, sometimes, it’s just nude photography via Kanye West.

Within the last year, we’ve seen Kim place her daughter North West on the runway for the first time to model L.O.L. Surprise toy brand clothes.

What about Kendall Jenner?

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The Jenner kids are the one who’ve managed to parlay careers into modeling. Kendall is the best-known for having an overwhelmingly successful international modeling career over the last decade.

Ultimately, Kendall became the highest-paid model in the world, according to Forbes. Her cover shoots for fashion magazines are voluminous, making all other Kardashians/Jenners models in-name-only.

Kylie Jenner is also a model

As the youngest of Kris Jenner’s daughters, Kylie has managed to do some modeling, though not consistently in front of a camera like Kendall.

You’ve still seen Kylie dot the covers of some magazines, like Paper Magazine.

Thanks to having 100% ownership in her own cosmetics line, she’s the only one of the family soon to become a billionaire before being in her early 20s. Most media outlets say she’s the single most influential woman in the world of fashion (even more so than Meghan Markle) without being committed to a catwalk all the time.

Now you know various degrees of modeling careers are still possible, even if you grow up with a lot of capital already invested.