Which Kardashian-Jenner Sister Is the Least Popular on Instagram?

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is continuously pitted against each other for who is the most popular, even though they say they aren’t competing. From who fans love the most to who fans love to hate, the sisters go back and forth between who has the most Instagram followers to who makes the most money. It’s no surprise that one of the top searches on Google related to the family is ‘why are the Kardashians famous?’. 

Who is the most popular Kardashian-Jenner sister? 

This title has been long-held by Kim Kardashian. She’s the one that started it all, getting them noticed with her sex tape. She was the one to watch, the one fans clamored for more information on. At least until the other sisters became household names in their own right. While there are times that Kylie Jenner has outshined her big sis, Kim is still the most recognizable of them all. 

When it comes to other areas, though, each sister has her own ‘most’ title. Kylie Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire and has the highest net worth of all her siblings. Kendall is the highest-paid model in the world. Khloe might win the title of most controversial, or at least the one with the most controversies surrounding her name. As for Kourtney, you’ll see her ‘most’ below.

Instagram followers matter

Instagram is definitely the place to measure celebrity status. One look at followers will tell you a lot, and it’s evident that followers matter. Kim and Kylie have been battling it out for the top spot this past year, with Kylie finally surpassing her sister to become the one with the most Instagram followers of all the sisters.

Although Kim has come close to edging her out to win her spot at the top again, most recently with 161 million followers, Kylie still has a stronghold on the title with 163 million followers. Kendall stands in third place with 123 million followers, while Khloe has 105 million followers, and Kourtney is at the bottom with only 87.4 million followers. 

The winner of the most disliked sister award

If based solely on Instagram followers, Kourtney takes the prize for least liked among the sisters. She’s the oldest of the sisters and, after Kendall, is the most private. With Scott Disick out of the picture, her face time has gone down too. It’s hard to even know what she’s up to these days, as she gets some of the least media coverage among the sisters. Kim has said she’s “the least interesting to look at,” so there’s that. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Kourtney wants to leave KUWTK. She’s just not that into it. 

However, fans have recently stated that following Kim’s account isn’t as fun anymore, and even fan-favorite Khloe has had some backlash. Kendall has also been called out, even if only by her sister and not fans. And there’s that cover and interview with Harper’s Bazaar that had fans calling Kylie out of touch. So, maybe Kourtney won’t hold this title for too much longer.

Kardashian-Jenner sisters in cream and white clothing
Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Other rankings that give some insight

Instagram isn’t the only place that proves who’s the most popular sister, though. Awario.com looked at the number of mentions each sister had on social media. No surprise, Kim was again in the top spot with 221,000 mentions, followed by Kylie, Khloe, Kendall, and Kourtney. Vanity Fair asked readers which sister they were most envious of, and surprisingly, the answer was Kendall, who beat out Kim by 5%. 30% of the vote went to Kendall, followed by Kim, with 25% of the vote. YouGov.com also has some interesting rankings regarding the sisters. 

Are you keeping up with the Kardashians?

What about you? Will you be tuning in to season 18 when it airs March 26th? If you’re like a large amount of the world, you will be. As always, there’s sure to be plenty of drama unfolding.