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The cast of Vanderpump Rules has come a long way since the first season aired. Many of them are in new relationships, have started new business ventures, and their social media followings have certainly skyrocketed.

The show is supposed to center around the group of young beautiful LA residents working at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR. But with so much fame coming from the show, some fans are wondering if any of the cast members actually still work at the restaurant.

Who works at SUR?

According to Vanderpump, everyone.

“Part of the deal is if they’re working at the restaurant on the show, they have to work there legitimately,” the Real Housewives star once told Thrillist.

But they don’t necessarily have to be full-time employees.

“They work about three days a week while we’re filming, and that’s five months of the year. They get a month or two off to do press and appearances promoting the show while it’s airing, because they do a lot of promotion.”

And while they are on the clock at SUR, they aren’t just pretending to mix those drinks.

“If they’re behind the bar, they have to really work,” she continued.

Hostess and star of the show, Lala Kent also confirmed that she has to work at SUR to be on Vanderpump Rules.

“I can’t be a part of the show if I don’t have a job at SUR where I’m going in at least once a week working for two hours as a hostess each time,” she said on The Tomorrow Show podcast. Which makes sense because what other reason would a person who regularly flies on private jets have for working as a hostess?

But, not everyone is contractually obligated to work at SUR.

“Kristen and Stassi don’t work there … I just know that they’re still a part of the show and don’t work there. I don’t know if there’s a difference … I don’t know what [their contracts] read,” she continued.

Though they don’t work for Vanderpump at SUR, Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder are still technically employed by her.

“I can’t rein them in like I used to, and I wouldn’t want to,” Vanderpump told Thrillist of the two women. “You want to show the reality of their lives on the show. But technically they work for me, because I’m an executive producer on Vanderpump Rules. We show what they’re doing in their lives, and they were integral parts of the show at the beginning. The group really is authentic. You see how many Real Housewives shows have casts that change, but this cast really hasn’t changed.”

The cast members who do work at SUR are constantly promoting their shifts, tweeting when they will be at the restaurant or working at the bar.

James Kennedy was also promoting his See You Next Tuesday party every week while it was running, which means the event wasn’t just a storyline for the show.

Is the cast bringing in more business?

As far as whether or not the cast is actually helping Vanderpump’s other restaurants, the reality star feels like her restaurants are doing well due to their own merits.

“They’re both very successful,” Vanderpump told Thrillist of Pump and Sur. “Even though we don’t promote Pump, it has its own identity — it does so well and it’s such a unique location. The food is consistent and the ambience is really great.”

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