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NCIS is one of those network shows that has been on for so long, it’s hard to remember a time when it wasn’t around. The show is getting ready for its 17th season, so it’s right up there with Law and Order for intense shows that people can’t seem to stop watching. Through the years, some cast members have come and gone, but those who have stayed have raked in millions. Which NCIS star has the highest net worth today?

Mark Harmon, Wilmer Valderrama, and Emily Wickersham
Mark Harmon, Wilmer Valderrama, and Emily Wickersham on ‘NCIS’ | Erik Voake/CBS via Getty Images

Emily Wickersham: $2 million

Emily Wickersham has been a part of the NCIS cast since 2013. She plays Ellie Bishop, but NCIS wasn’t her first gig in front of the camera. Wickersham has had roles in movies such as “Definitely, Maybe,” “I am Number Four,” and “Gone.” She likely makes more than six figures per NCIS episode, which isn’t nearly as much as the highest paid cast member. However, it’s still given her a solid net worth of $2 million.

Brian Dietzen: $2 million

Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy Palmer on NCIS, has been a key part of the show since his character first appeared in 2004. Although Dietzen has had roles in other shows and movies, NCIS appears to be his most successful role. It’s unclear how much he makes per episode, but his overall net worth is estimated around $2 million.

Rocky Carroll: $4 million

Rocky Carroll has played Leon Vance on NCIS since 2008. Carroll had small acting roles here and there earlier in his career, including a bit in a Tom Cruise movie and a stint on Law and Order in the 1990s. His breakout role was definitely playing Vance’s character on the crime show. Carroll’s official NCIS salary hasn’t been disclosed, but his net worth is estimated at $4 million.  

Maria Bello: $8 million

Maria Bello, who plays Jack Sloane, is fairly new to NCIS compared to some of the other veteran cast members, but the actress is worth a lot of money. She has quite a few films and movies under her belt, including the lead role in the television show Mr. And Mrs. Smith (which eventually inspired the hit movie) as well as a fairly long stint on ER in the 1990s. Per her contract, Bello will at least be on NCIS through 2020. She’s worth around $8 million.

Sean Murray: $8 million

You probably know Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy McGee on NCIS, but you might also know him from the 1993 Halloween movie “Hocus Pocus.” Murray played Thackery Binx, the boy who got turned into a cat for the majority of the film. That was his first role, and he’s come a long way. Today, Murray plays a crucial part on the crime show, and he’s worth an estimated $8 million.

David McCallum: $10 million

David McCallum has been acting since 1953, but NCIS might be his best role yet. Most of his roles were moderate roles rather than major ones, but he once said he only got into acting to earn a living — not to be famous. Well, he’s definitely earned a living — he’s worth around $10 million today.  

Wilmer Valderrama: $20 million

Wilmer Valerrama’s most memorable role might be Fez on That 70’s Show, but he’s definitely come a long way since the 1990s sitcom. His role on NCIS is fairly new compared to others; he’s only been on since season 14. But he’s quickly leaving his mark, and he’s definitely a familiar face on the show now. Today, he’s worth a reported $20 million.

Mark Harmon: $90 million

Nobody on the show even comes close to Mark Harmon’s net worth. Harmon is not only the star of NCIS but also the producer, which means he’s raking in a pretty penny. He reportedly makes $525,000 per episode — a number that will likely increase as the show continues. He’s worth a whopping $90 million, making him by far the cast member with the highest net worth.

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