Which Network Earned the Most Emmy Nominations in 2019?

While streaming networks have dominated the Primetime Emmy Awards in the past couple of years, HBO is coming back hard to wrestle the crown away from the streaming medium. The famed premium cable provider came in with the most nominations this year, besting Netflix by 20 recognitions. The numbers were so impressive that the network managed to topple their own record, set back in 2015. The landscape for the upcoming years will likely include more streaming content providers, too. Several new streaming platforms are set to launch in the next year, and they will likely factor into future awards programs. For now, HBO is enjoying a well-deserved moment in the sun.

Which HBO shows put the network over the top?

HBO’s impressive haul of nominations is directly attributed to the wildly popular programming they’ve managed to put out for the last couple of years. Leading the charge for HBO was Game of Thrones, whose final season drew impressive viewership numbers. The show topped the nomination count with 32. Chernobyl finished as the third most-nominated series. The limited series that grabbled with the aftermaths of a nuclear accident received 19 nominations. Barry tied for fifth with 17 nominations.

HBO also has other nominees, as well. Last Week with John Oliver, True Detective, Succession and Leaving Neverland have all been nominated for Emmys. Just by virtue of the network’s nomination numbers, fans can expect to see the network take home plenty of prizes. Game of Thrones is already expected to take home several major awards.

Netflix wasn’t too far behind

While HBIO has dominated this year’s television awards season, the streaming giant, Netflix, isn’t too far behind. The two content providers have been duking it out in the last several years for the most nominations and this year was no different.


Netflix came in with a perfectly respectable 117 nominations, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Netflix’s most-nominated content this year was When They See Us. The limited series explores the 1989 Central Park jogger case and the lives of the five suspects who were prosecuted for the crime. The limited series garnered 16 nominations. Surprise success Russian Doll was the second most nominated series for Netflix. It received 13 nominations.

Hulu was bested by Amazon Prime

While streaming service providers are becoming more popular than ever, Hulu received far fewer nominations this year than they have in the past. In fact, the streaming service received just 20 nominations this year, down from the 27 they received the year before. Amazon Prime Video fared much better. They received 47 nominations this year. Last year, Amazon was nominated 22 times.

Amazon’s rising nomination count is primarily thanks to a more significant investment in original content. The provider’s successful series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel received 20 nominations this year, according to Entertainment Weekly. Fleabag was nominated 11 times.