Which Original ‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Has the Highest Net Worth Today?

Saved by the Bell was a sitcom centered around a clique of friends attending the fictional Bayside High School. The young actors shot to superstardom while on the series but took different paths after the show ended. Here’s how the former co-stars rank today when it comes to total net worth.

'Saved by the Bell'
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‘Saved by the Bell’ was a Saturday morning ritual

Saved by the Bell launched in 1989 as a part of NBC’s Saturday lineup and ran for four seasons. The sitcom was created as a revamped version of Disney’s Good Morning Miss Bliss. In the show, teen preppie Zack Morris mixed it up with his tight-knit group of buddies.

Zack’s sometime-rival, A.C. Slater was the school’s sports star with a surprising knack for ballet. The two youngsters often competed for the affections of the head cheerleader, Kelly Kapowski. Bookworm and feminist Jessie Spano did well keeping the fellas in check. And fashion maven, Lisa Turtle, spent much of her time fending off the affections of Zack’s geeky sidekick, Screech Powers. All of the shenanigans took place under the watchful eye of Principal Belding.

Which ‘Saved by the Bell’ cast member boasts the biggest bank account?

The cast of Saved by the Bell captured fame while the show was on the air. Here’s a peek at how well they maintained their individual fortunes, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

7. Dennis Haskins as ‘Principal Richard Belding’

Dennis Haskins played Mr. Belding on Saved by the Bell. With nearly 100 acting credits, he has built his wealth to an estimated $300,000.

6. Dustin Diamond as ‘Samuel Screech Powers’

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Dustin Diamond brought his comedic flair to the role of Screech. After Saved by the Bell ended, the actor released a tell-all book and participated in celebreality programs, such as Celebrity Fit Club. Diamond is now worth an estimated $300,000.

5. Lark Voorhies as ‘Lisa Turtle’

Since Saved by the Bell ended, Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle, has completed various small-screen projects, including stints on Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. She has amassed an estimated $500,000 in total wealth.

4.  Elizabeth Berkley as ‘Jessie Spano’

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Jessie Spano was played by Elizabeth Berkley. She famously shed her squeaky-clean image after the show ended when she appeared in the NC-17 feature film, Showgirls. Since then, she has popped up in various television and film projects, which have helped her build her wealth to an estimated $6 million.

3. Mark-Paul Gosselaar as ‘Zack Morris’

Mark-Paul Gosselaar portrayed the charismatic Zack Morris. The actor has had significant success in his adult career, with long-term gigs on NYPD Blue, Franklin & Bash, and Mixed-ish. The star has accumulated an estimated $9 million in capital.

2. Tiffani Thiessen as ‘Kelly Kapowski’

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Tiffani Theissen quickly found success after her run as Kelly on Saved by the Bell. She earned regular gigs on shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210, and White Collar. She has also landed several movie roles over the years and is a well-known book author. Theissen’s estimated net worth amounts to $10 million.

1. Mario Lopez as ‘A.C. Slater’

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Of all of the original Saved by the Bell stars, Mario Lopez, who played A.C., boasts the biggest fortune. The actor, entertainment journalist, and TV presenter is a household name who frequently pops up on-screen in American homes. Lopez’s estate has grown to an estimated $25 million.

How can fans watch ‘Saved by the Bell’ today?

Gosselaar, Berkley, Thiessen, and Lopez were tapped to reprise their roles in the 2020 Saved by the Bell reboot. But fans who want to re-watch the original adventures of Bayside High’s most popular clique can enjoy Saved by the Bell from the very beginning. The entire series is now streaming on Hulu. The service also offers Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style, and Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas.