Which ‘Real Housewife of Beverly Hills’ Was in the Original ‘Halloween?’

Kyle Richards with Michael Myers | Kyle Richards Umansky Instagram

One of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is part of iconic silver screen legend, Halloween. Kyle Richards, a Real Housewife OG, appeared in the 1978 classic film as young Lindsey. Her character’s parents go out that evening and one of Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) friends is her babysitter. Lindsey ultimately ends up in Laurie’s care and finds herself running for her life from madman Michael Myers.

Richards was only 9 years old when she appeared in the groundbreaking horror film and was in the process of building a sweet acting portfolio. In addition to Halloween, Richards appeared in Escape to Witch Mountain, Little House on the Prairie and even had a guest role on Beverly Hills 90210. Richards’ sister Kim Richards, also on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has an extensive acting portfolio, with many roles in the 1970s and 1980s.

So what does Richards say about being in Halloween and the reboot?

Richards wonders if ‘Halloween’ ruined this industry

The film features a babysitter who is being chased by psycho killer Michael Myers. Even though a number of horror films feature a babysitter in trouble, Richards ponders whether Halloween made babysitting a little scarier. “Do you think a movie like Halloween ruined the babysitting business,” Richards asks Jamie Lee Curtis, ET reports. “Making the movie I was never scared, [but] seeing myself in it was terrifying!”

Curtis laughs and says, “When you see the new movie, there is a sequence that involves a babysitter and its just terrifying.”

Curtis and Richards had a sweet bond while filming

Curtis seemed to have mothered Richards on set. Richards recalls a fond memory during an ET interview. “I always have that memory of me, on the last day of shooting, of you carrying me all the way back to my dressing room. I’ve never forgotten that,” she recalls. Curtis says, “I have beautiful memories of you.”

Does Richards make a guest appearance in the new ‘Halloween?’

Although she pushed for Lindsey to make an appearance Richards didn’t make the new Halloween cut. “I really wanted to be so badly,” US Weekly reports. “And I’ve never done this in my life … I literally reached out and said, ‘Can I be in it in any capacity? I’ll be an extra. I’ll do anything.’ But they didn’t think that it was going to fit in with the story or something,”

She told ET, “I had my people call and they’re like, ‘There’s not a part for you.’ I’m like, ‘Well, I mean, hello, where did she go?’” However, Lindsey appears in  Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, but a different actress took the role.

Richards celebrates the film’s 40th anniversary this way

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About last night … @halloweenmovie premiere

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She went all out for Halloween, even though Richards didn’t get a chance to appear in the reboot. Her home is completely decked out in witches, skeletons and eerie lighting, which she shared to her Instagram story. Looks like Richards and former RHOBH, Adrienne Maloof are having a home decor-off as Maloof is also going all out for the holiday too.

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