Which ‘Real Housewives’ Are the Best Tippers?

Real Housewives of New Jersey
Real Housewives of New Jersey | Tommy Garcia/Bravo

One thing Real Housewives fans know for sure: Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York City needs to enhance her tipping game.

Singer has been called out for years about her shoddy tipping practices. Most recently she re-affirmed that rumor. Singer was spotted grabbing lunch at an Upper East Side pizza joint, Page Six reports. Singer ordered a healthy lunch but only tipped $1 on a $20 tab. Considering Singer is worth about $18 million and makes $500,000 per season of RHONY, she could have left a lousy 20% on a $20 bill.

While Singer has a bad rep for being a weak tipper, which Real Housewives are known for leaving a good tip?

Kyle Richards

Richards probably shocked a valet a few years ago with a very big tip, Daily Mail reports. She was lunching at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills and left her car with the valet. After Richards finished her lunch she thanked the valet for retrieving her vehicle. And presented him with $30!

The valet was probably thrilled as the customary amount to tip is between $1 and $5, according to Valetonly.com.

Shannon Beador

When Beador was still together with her husband David, the couple tipped generously. Tamera Tattles reported in 2014 the couple enjoyed dinner with comedian Heather McDonald. The Beadors were friendly with waiters and fans who asked for photos. When the Beadors paid the tab, they also left a nice tip.

Shannon Beador should be aware of restaurant tipping, considering she still wants to open a restaurant, Bravo’s The Feast reports. “I have the menu ready to go for Real for Real Kitchen, so I’m hopeful that things will continue to go well with QVC and then hopefully incorporate the restaurant concept,” she said. “Because I think it’s a good idea: affordable, healthy food that can be delivered to you. I’m not looking for the fancy restaurant that a lot of other people have — or [a scene where people go to be seen and] go hang out.”

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump’s tipping track record is mixed. On one hand, there’s the 2012 Daily Mail story about a tip she left for a valet. She had her car valet parked at her restaurant, Villa Blanca. When the valet retrieved her vehicle, she gave the employee $100. Vanderpump and Richards are currently warring so it looks like she wins for “largest valet tip” this time.

However, another story surfaced that painted Vanderpump in a poor tipping light. Apparently, she and her husband Ken Todd dined at Bar On 4 in Beverly Hills in 2014. The couple racked up a $500 bill but only left the server $5.

Heather Dubrow

This is another story with mixed reviews. Dubrow and her husband, plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow dined at The Ritz Prime Seafood restaurant in Newport Beach, CA. The couple left a generous tip of 23%, which Dubrow apparently uploaded to her Instagram.

However, the couple thought the service was sub-par. So instead of docking the tip, the Dubrows left a note, which Heather thought was hilarious. “Our waiter was nice, but the service sucked and the food was not good.” Instagram fans were not impressed and dogged Dubrow for being tone deaf.

Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe allegedly left a $100 tip on a $500 restaurant bill, according to Tamara Tattles. The Gorgas were friendly with the servers, however, Melissa wasn’t a fan of how friendly her husband was being with some staff members.

The Gorgas famously tried their hand at restaurant ownership. Their pizza joint, Gorga’s Homemade Pasta & Pizza, opened and closed in less than a year. But Melissa blamed the partners for the restaurant’s closing. “We were having issues with the management and the way they were running it. There were a couple shady things going on,” she told US Weekly.

She’s not an official ‘Housewife’ but...

Although Chrissy Teigen is not a Real Housewife, she could be an honorary one. Plus she’s a very generous tipper. She once gave a server at Outback Steakhouse a 516% tip on a $200 check. The server was shook when she saw the $1,000 Teigen left. “I was so nervous I was going to do something wrong,” Outback server, Mikayla Scott told Insider.

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