Which ‘Real World: New York’ Cast Members Would Do ‘The Challenge’ Again?

At least one cast member from The Real World: New York says returning to MTV’s The Challenge is something he would seriously love to do again in the future.

Eric Nies is all about doing another Challenge. However, Heather B. Gardner had the perfect response when she was asked if she’d consider doing another show. “Danny when you print this question make sure you write, ‘Heather sips wine,'” she laughed during an interview with podcast host Danny Pellegrino. “That’s it! That’s my answer.” Meanwhile, Norman Korpi and Becky Blasband sit nearby shaking their heads, not looking overly interested in doing another Challenge either.

Andrew Levitas and Eric Nies during 'Girls Gone Wild' party in the Hamptons
Andrew Levitas and Eric Nies during ‘Girls Gone Wild’ party in the Hamptons | Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Eric Nies is the only ‘Real World’ Season 1 cast member ready for ‘The Challenge’

Nies enthusiastically wants to do another Challenge. “Yes, yes, yes,” he exclaimed during the interview. “I was actually invited to do that OG Challenge. It didn’t work out, the timing. So because of what we were doing here. But yes, I would definitely go back. And I love The Challenge. I love the competition and I love anything athletic. It’s so much fun for me to do those things. So, yeah the answer is yes.” The “OG Challenge” named The Challenge: All Stars will feature Trishelle Cannatella, Syrus Yarbrough, Beth Stolarczyk, Ruthie Alcaide, and Eric “Big Easy” Banks.

Are any other original cast members interested in taking on The Challenge other than Nies? “I am not big on The Challenge situation” Julie Gentry admitted. Andre Comeau added, “Only if it was all seven of us, I’d do like a Battle of the Network Stars kind of thing, ya know? Like the seven of us against like the seven from season 3 or something. But I really wouldn’t want to be part of a mixture of casts.”

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While Kevin Powell liked Comeau’s idea, he too wasn’t interested in diving back into the general Challenge pool. “We’re together,” he said. “Like we respect all of the other seasons, but we realize this is a very unique thing that we have.”

Which ‘Real World’ Season 1 cast members did ‘The Challenge’ in the past?

Gentry wasn’t kidding when she said she wasn’t interested in The Challenge. She, along with Powell and Comeau never dipped their toe into The Challenge pool. Gardner participated in Challenge 2000 but came up empty-handed. Blasband also gave Battle of the Seasons in 2002 a shot but also didn’t come home with any cash.

Korpi also appeared on Battle of the Seasons in 2002, plus The Gauntlet. He ultimately walked away with $12,000 in prize money.

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Of course, Nies took full advantage of The Challenge. He competed in several challenges, scoring $60,000 in winnings. Nies may appreciate a physical challenge because he’s always been a fitness enthusiast. He briefly hosted MTV’s dance show, The Grind, and ultimately produced a workout video. The Grind Workout became a “multi-platinum video series,” according to Nies’ website.