Which ‘Summer House’ Rules Did Jordan Verroi Break?

New house member Jordan Verroi is learning some hard lessons during the first few episodes of Summer House. The first unspoken rule he smashed was making out with Danielle Olivera and then sending her mixed messages.

Unfortunately, Verroi is also breaking some of the other Summer House unspoken rules. Some rules like “don’t make out with someone and then ghost them” is pretty obvious. But other rules are about as clear cut as finding meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.

Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Hannah Berner, Paige DeSorbo, Danielle Olivera and Jordan Verroi |Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Learn from Carl 2.0

Radke professed that he is a reformed f**kboy and relationship messes from the past two seasons put him on the right track. So when he saw that Verroi started hooking up with Olivera he knew the writing was on the wall.

Verroi and Olivera kissed during a July 4th party, but Verroi cooled the continuation of the relationship. Olivera didn’t notice and thought they were going to have a fun summer fling. However, Verroi made it clear to the others he was leaving the door open to hook up with other people that summer.

“Jordan is completely unaware of the consequences of hooking up with someone in the house and not really giving a sh*t,” Radke in a confessional interview. “This is 100% the exact reminder I need to not hook up casually with someone in the summer house.” Before the episode ended, Radke observed Verroi was, “So screwed.”

He also mentioned the ‘E’ word

When the group discusses Cooke and girlfriend Amanda Batula moving in together, Lindsay Hubbard tells them to learn from her experience. She’s pleased to learn the couple plans to find a new apartment rather than taking over just one of their places. “It’s that you are finding a new space,” Hubbard says. “Instead of moving into one or the other spaces.”

Verroi wants to join in the conversation as Cooke pontificates about how he has seen it firsthand. “People move in and things don’t go as planned,” Cooke says. Meanwhile, everyone knows that Cooke is talking about Hubbard and her former boyfriend Everett but no one is going there. Except for Verroi.

“Point in case,” Verroi says. Hubbard shoots back, “How would you know, Jordan?” The cast looks horrified. “There are a lot of unwritten rules in the summer house,” Radke begins in a confessional interview. “And Jordan just learned two of them. Number one: men are always wrong. Number two: never, ever say Everett. Never.” While Radke doesn’t officially list a hookup rule, Verroi is already starting to learn that one quickly.

He also needs to fly under the radar

Even though Verroi made out with Olivera in public, he refuses to kiss her later in the kitchen. The ladies then discuss this during a visit to a vineyard, which gets under the ladies skin. “Jordan and I agreed, we’d just have fun,” Olivera says in a confessional interview. “Which we aren’t. And that he wouldn’t talk s**t behind my back, which he is. I don’t know what the f**k is going on in this kid’s mind.”

Then Verroi discloses to Radke and Cooke that he made out with three other women the same night he made out with Olivera. “I’m not a math guy but that’s a lot of chicks,” Radke says. Verroi wanted an assist from Radke too and he was not about any of it.

Verroi took to Twitter to jokingly post, “Can we go over the rules again? I wasn’t listening…” During the episode, the ladies are not happy with Verroi, especially Hubbard. “You want to case in point me,” Hubbard says. “I will case in point you out of here.”

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