While Filming ‘The Batman’ Robert Pattinson Developed a Mystery Project for Warner Bros.

The Batman star Robert Pattinson’s new deal with Warner Bros. takes him behind the camera. And in a recent interview, the actor revealed that he started writing a mystery project for the studio while filming his new superhero movie. 

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Robert Pattinson | Mike Smith/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Alongside ‘The Batman,’ Robert Pattinson brings his own ideas to screen with Warner Bros. 

In May 2021, while Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie was in post-production, Pattinson signed a deal with Warner Bros.. The actor will write and produce projects for any one of the company’s divisions, including HBO Max, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Television, and New Line Cinema.

“We have been incredibly impressed with Rob’s eye for identifying dynamic new filmmakers,” Warner executives Courtenay Valenti and Richard Brener said in a statement. “Additionally, he is continually nurturing exciting story ideas into compelling screenplays. We are so excited that we get to benefit from his creative, commercial passions.”

Pattinson shared his excitement for the deal in his own statement and lauded the studio for providing a progressive and open space for creators.

“I’m thrilled to be working with them to discover the most exciting new voices in film and television and help bring their visions to life,” Pattinson said. “I’ve loved working with the studio over the years and have so much respect for their dedication, their willingness to take chances, and their desire to push the envelope creatively.”

While filming ‘The Batman’ Robert Pattinson was writing a new project

Pattinson started developing ideas for his new Warner Bros. projects while filming The Batman. And in a new profile for GQ, the actor revealed that he worked on them before shoots. 

“I’d have my burst of energy in the mornings,” Pattinson recalled. “I’d go do a workout, and I’d have about 15 minutes before I had to get into the suit. And so I’d literally be, like, for seven minutes on the toilet in the morning when I’d scramble out a stream-of-consciousness email to the writers.”

Pattinson told the outlet that he isn’t tackling the scripts himself because he’s a “terrible writer.” And he finds creating and developing ideas “really satisfying,” especially for HBO Max, a platform he praises for being unafraid. 

“I feel like they’re so new and still trying to establish their identity,” Pattinson noted. “And there’s space for it.”

Robert Pattinson says has to be in a very vulnerable place to pitch ideas

Pattinson hasn’t revealed details about his new project, other than that he won’t be in it and will cast an “unknown” actor. But he did dive into his creative process. And he explained how emotionally vulnerable he needs to be to pitch his ideas. 

“I seem to only be able to have ideas when there’s an enormous amount of adrenalin,” Pattinson told GQ. “It’s almost like my process of doing anything now. I have to really, really feel like I’ve hit rock bottom. Where right up until the moment I have to perform it’s: ‘Wow, I’m the most empty piece of s***.” 

“You have to feel the pain,” The Batman star continued. “And then suddenly it’s like God gives you a little treat: ‘Here’s an idea you’ve never thought of before. Run with this.'”

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