‘The White Lotus’ Season 2: Who Is Stefano Gianino? Here’s Why the Actor Looks Familiar

The White Lotus Season 2 airs its finale this weekend, but that hasn’t stopped the HBO show from throwing new characters into the mix. The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6, “Abductions,” introduces a new love interest for Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) — though whether he’s well-intended remains a question for next week. Stefano Gianino brings the character Niccoló to life, but where might fans have seen the actor before The White Lotus Season 2?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for The White Lotus Season 2 Episodes 1-6.]

Stefano Gianino, Tom Hollander, and Jennifer Coolidge in 'The White Lotus' Season 2. They're standing in a circle and talking to one another.
Stefano Gianino, Tom Hollander, and Jennifer Coolidge in ‘The White Lotus’ | Fabio Lovino/HBO

Stefano Gianino plays Niccoló in ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2

That’s right, despite marriage troubles in The White Lotus Season 2, Tanya seems to be moving forward — though whether that will come back to bite her remains to be seen.

In The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6, Quentin (Tom Hollander) sets her up with an Italian man named Niccoló (played by Stefano Gianino). The two hit it off, and Niccoló soon becomes more than Tanya’s “arm candy.” In fact, he strips naked and makes a move to seduce her before “Abductions” concludes.

Gianino does an impressive job of making his character simultaneously charming and dubious. But would viewers recognize the actor from elsewhere? It’s possible, even if his career is just taking off.

Why Stefano Gianino looks so familiar

If Stefano Gianino looks familiar to those watching The White Lotus Season 2, it’s because they may have seen him before. Per IMDb, the actor hasn’t appeared in all that much. However, he’s held roles in Amazon’s Monterossi – La serie and the film Bobby Mortal.

As a relatively new actor, Gianino may continue to crop up, especially after working on The White Lotus. The HBO series marks one of his biggest projects to date. And if he finds himself at the center of an elaborate twist, it may become one of his most memorable appearances as well.

If nothing else, that should catapult Gianino to fame.

Will Niccoló betray Tanya during ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2 finale?


‘The White Lotus’ Season 2: Every Clue That Tanya Dies (So Far)

The White Lotus Season 2’s penultimate episode ends with Tanya and Niccoló getting intimate — but can Stefano Gianino’s character truly be trusted?

With Greg (John Gries) acting suspiciously, we’re inclined to think he’s setting Tanya up. Her “chance” encounter with Quentin feels too convenient, as does Niccoló’s interest. Add in Jack’s (Leo Woodall) suspicious rambling and Quentin’s cowboy photo, and it’s probably safe to say Greg hired Tanya’s new “friends.” Perhaps infidelity will render their prenup null and void, granting him access to her fortune.

We’ll have to keep watching to see how Tanya’s story plays out. A betrayal in the finale would certainly serve as a comeuppance for how she treated Brenda (Natasha Rothwell) in The White Lotus Season 1. Whether it will tie into this outing’s big death is another question entirely.

The White Lotus Season 2 finale airs on HBO on Sunday, Dec. 11.

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