Whitney Port Admits She Hasn’t Spoken to Lauren Conrad in 2 Years — Here’s Why

Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad were our favorite duo on The Hills — remember their talks in the Teen Vogue offices? — but they haven’t spoken in two years (cue sad face emojis). Learn why Port says she and her former co-star haven’t talked ahead. 

Understandably, a lot has changed for Port and Conrad since their days on The Hills, which ran on MTV from 2006 to 2010 and followed the two women and other cast members as they navigated their lives as young adults. 

Why Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad haven’t talked in 2 years

During a live recording of her podcast, With Whit, at The Grove in Los Angeles, Port told Us Weekly she and Conrad hadn’t talked in years, shattering the image in our minds about them remaining friends through all the real (and fake) drama on The Hills

When asked if she had talked to Conrad since the reboot of The Hills premiered on MTV in June, Port said they

Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad
Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad. | Cropped image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Tommy Bahama

“We haven’t,” Port replied when asked if she talked to Conrad since the reboot of The Hills premiered on MTV in June. 

She said the last time they talked was when a major change took place in both their lives. 

“We spoke, honestly, the last time right around when our sons were both born. … They’re, like, three weeks apart. So we talked around then, but we haven’t chatted since then.” 

Conrad and her husband, William Tell welcomed a baby boy named Liam on July 5, 2017. On her Instagram earlier this year, Conrad announced she and Tell are expecting their second child together. 

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Port and her husband, Tim Rosenman (a former producer of The City, Port’s own spin-off series), became parents on July 27, 2017, when Port gave birth to a little boy named Sonny. Port revealed in an emotional episode of her podcast she had a miscarriage just last month, July 2019. 

When Us Weekly pointed out to Port she doesn’t follow Conrad on Instagram, she said she didn’t “know or remember,” adding “I think that I just, like, I don’t follow that many people.” At the time of publication, Port followed 673 Instagram accounts.

But judging by what Port and Conrad are doing now, it’s no wonder they’ve drifted apart. 

These days, Conrad is no longer a reality TV mainstay (she turned down the opportunity to appear on The Hills: New Beginnings in favor of her other projects). Gone are the days of filming episodes for Laguna Beach and The Hills. Now, she’s a business owner. The 33-year-old launched her own lifestyle brand and has published a number of books on party-planning, make-up (remember her signature cat-eye?) and more. 

She also started a non-profit called The Little Market and has her own extensive line — think clothes, shoes, jewelry, bedding, etc — at Kohl’s department stores known as LC Lauren Conrad (after her nickname on Laguna Beach).

And she has her own podcast, Lauren Conrad: Asking for a Friend. As for Port, she briefly had her own fashion line, Whitney Eve, before shuttering the brand. Now she blogs regularly, has her podcast, With Whit, and is a cast member on The Hills: New Beginnings

There’s likely no reality TV-level drama behind Port and Conrad not speaking for two years. It’s more likely they’re just two busy people who haven’t had as much free time as they once did for socializing and have tightened their social circle.