Who are Sam and Colby and Why is ‘Shadow Man’ Trending?

The ever-changing landscape of Twitter can become a source of breaking news, playful banter, intimate internet conversation, or advertising pitches whether you’re aware or oblivious.

This happens every day and night on the platform, and this weekend, the hashtag “ShadowMan” started trending. It alarmed some, confused others, and incited anticipation for those in the know.

But for those who are in the dark about who “Shadow Man” is and why this mysterious figure popped up in their Twitter feeds, here’s a little background.

YouTube vloggers Sam Golbach and Colby Brock
Sam and Colby attend the Streamy Awards | Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Streamy Awards

Sam and Colby are behind the ‘ShadowMan’ hashtag

Sam Golbach and Colby Brock are a pair of YouTube vloggers whose specialty is horror videos. They’ve built a huge following on social media and in addition to creating YouTube videos, the duo partnered with Snapchat’s Snap Original’s unit to launch Stranded With Sam And Colby.

Typically, they explore haunted sites around the world and occasionally partake in rituals while visiting said spooky locations. According to Tubefilter, they’ve even been arrested for trespassing during an adventure.

During some of their trips, they partner up with Corey Scherer, a fellow vlogger who’s into haunted and spooky things too. They’ve talked about Shadow Man in the past, and it’s not the character from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.

He’s a figure from their ghostly encounters and Sam and Colby sparked up a Twitter frenzy by mentioning him again.

The return of ‘Shadow Man’ is official

In their efforts to introduce their new YouTube series, the vloggers hatched the “#ShadowMan” campaign. The first episode has been posted to the platform and features Sam, Colby, Corey, and Jake Webber heading to Miami’s Biltmore hotel.  

But there’s a lingering issue with Shadow Man, a so-called spirit that’s been following Corey around off and on for years, but in recent months, has been more consistent. The topic came up in the video while the crew was speaking with a witch, and she dishes out some advice for protection.

Watch it here. While filming their previous expedition at Queen Mary Castle, Corey said he felt that Shadow Man was there and looked legit terrified. Yikes.

Fans are excited about ‘Shadow Man’

Followers of Sam and Colby were excited to learn that the Shadow Man storyline would pick up – courtesy of a psychic and a witch – in this new outing. It’s only been a few hours and the video has already garnered more than half a million views.

Eager to see and hear more about the Shadow Man and Corey’s experiences/nightmares, viewers are tuning in to see how the rest of this hotel series plays out.

On top of that, some fans on YouTube are sharing details about their own experiences with shadow figures. People are both frightened and intrigued.

As is customary with Sam and Colby’s channel, the “Return of the Shadow Man” theme and hotel expedition will likely take place over the course of several episodes.

If you’re into spooky tours and paranormal encounters, then feel free to follow along. The Shadow Man isn’t the stuff of dreams, but he may turn into a social media urban legend.