Who Are the 2 Unverified People Kim Kardashian Follows on Instagram?

Kim Kardashian is a social media powerhouse. Her claim to fame may have had an unusual start, but she took her opportunity and crafted a wildly successful brand. Along the way, she’s used social media as an effective tool to promote herself and her products, and now her Instagram posts are their own product.

Kardashian is very selective about who she connects with on Instagram. She has 157 million followers, but she only follows 14 accounts. Most of those are her famous family members or brands she’s associated with, but two of them are unverified accounts. Who are these two lucky “normal” people she follows?

One is a childhood friend

Kim Kardashian and Allison Statter at the Create & Cultivate Los Angeles conference
Kim Kardashian & Allison Statter | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Create & Cultivate

Kim Kardashian refers to Allison Statter as her “legit BFF.” Their friendship goes all the way back to elementary school when Statter’s mom and Kardashian’s mom – Kris Jenner – were best friends. Although people may see Kim as the influential person in the friendship these days, back in elementary school Statter was in charge. Kardashian remarked, “I introduced you to, like, Ashley and all those girls. And you just, like, came in and took over, and you were so bossy.”

Bossy or not, Statter has remained an important part of Kardashian’s life. The two trust each other with their important secrets, a rare gift for someone like Kardashian who is always in the public eye. “We’re basically as close as you get to sisters without having blood,” Statter says. They support each other in all things, from relationships to running their businesses

The other is a family member

Years ago, when Kris Jenner was married to Robert Kardashian she grew close to his cousin, Cici Bussey. Although that marriage ended in a nasty divorce and he later died, Jenner and Bussey stayed close. Because the divorce was so acrimonious, Robert’s family did not stay in contact with Jenner’s family. Bussey wanted to remain in the girls’ lives, so she made an effort to maintain the relationship. It seems to have worked to everyone’s benefit, and today Jenner refers to Bussey as her cousin. Bussey is present for many family events

Bussey has been fighting cancer for almost 20 years, and Jenner and her family have offered her love and support in her battle. Bussey once shared on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that Kardashian sent a private plane to take her to a facility for cancer treatment. Bussey was too ill to travel, so Kardashian saw to it that she got where she needed to go.

Kim Kardashian is careful about social media

Kin Kardashian has come a long way since she first started using social media. Over time she learned to be cautious about how she uses it. A terrifying robbery in 2016 showed her she needed to be careful about how much information she shares. She realized that it isn’t safe for people to know where she is all the time, so she doesn’t post about things that are happening until they’re over.

The fact that she’s a mother to four children has also made her more protective of their privacy. She tries to strike a balance between sharing family moments with her fans and keeping her kids in the spotlight too much. She likes to post photos of her gorgeous children, but she tries to keep it to a minimum.

Considering how careful Kardashian is about her social media presence, the fact that she follows Statter and Bussey on Instagram says a lot. Instagram may be an important business tool, but these two special women in Kardashian’s life are special enough for her to include them in her tight circle.