Who Are The Two Newest Residents of ‘The Good Place’?

In season 3 of The Good Place, the four humans, Michael, and Janet are tasked with recreating Michael’s experiment from the first season. The only problem? The Bad Place gets to pick the four new residents for the experiment in The Good Place.

In the season finale, Team Cockroach realizes that The Bad Place purposely picked new residents designed to torture the four original humans. So who are the last two humans The Bad Place picked? Warning, this article contains spoilers for the season 4 premiere of The Good Place.

The Good Place new characters
Ted Danson and Kristen Bell of ‘The Good Place’ | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The Bad Place picks two new residents without a personal connection to the characters of ‘The Good Place’

The first new character introduced in the season premiere of The Good Place is a woman named Linda. The woman is from Norway and does not have a personal connection to any of the four humans. However, she still drives Eleanor and Michael insane because of how little she cares about anything.

She does not care she made it to The Good Place, and when she meets Janet the only thing she asks for is a peppermint. When Janet creates an elephant calf that is “made of pure light that tells you true secrets about the universe,” she is unfazed. Michael tells Eleanor that Linda is boring.

The second new resident selected for the experiment is a man named Brent. While he does not have a personal connection to Eleanor, he still drives her insane with his oblivious offensive comments. While Brent does not seem like the worst human in the world, he seems oblivious that his behavior on earth could be considered harassing or racist. After meeting Brent, Eleanor assumes The Bad Place picked Linda to torture Jason and Brent to torture her.

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One of the new residents was actually a demon in disguise

To try and get Linda excited about anything, the group holds a flying day for all the residents. As Michael and Eleanor try to encourage any sort of personality in her, Linda punches both of them and flies into the sky. She proceeds to fly around punching all of the residents.

It is then revealed Linda is actually a demon in disguise. The Bad Place sent Chris, a demon who once played Eleanor’s soulmate in the original experiment, to slowly undermine the group. This reveals Shawn from The Bad Place had multiple plans in place to sabotage the experiment.

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The Judge picks Chidi as the fourth and final human for the experiment

In the third season’s finale, Chidi elected to have his memory wiped so he would not ruin the experiment by remembering his ex, Simone. This was especially painful for Eleanor, as she remembers her love for Chidi but Chidi does not remember her. To make sure Shawn can’t interfere with the experiment anymore, The Judge picks Chidi as the final person to join the experiment.

The Good Place is off to an exciting start with the group’s experiment to save humanity in place. Already in the first episode, things have gone off the rails. It’s clear by the end of the episode Eleanor is starting to doubt herself, and having to spend more time with Chidi when he doesn’t remember her most likely won’t help.