Who Are the Voices Behind Disney’s ‘Aristrocrats’?

Classic Disney movies include The Aristocats from 1970. The film is about a cat and her three children. The family belongs to a rich woman named Madame Adelaide. She plans to give her wealth to her cats, but her butler kidnaps the family to get the money instead.

The mother and her kittens spend most of the movie trying to find their way home. While the movie has a content warning, it is available to stream on Disney+. In the details section, people can see who starred in The Aristocats.

The supporting characters in ‘The Aristocats’

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The non-primary characters in The Aristocats include Scat Cat and Madame Adelaide Bonfamille. Scat Cat is the leader of a jazz-playing gang of alley cats, and he was played by Scatman Crothers. Hermione Baddeley voiced Adelaide, and the character is a wealthy former opera singer.

Within Scat Cat’s group, there is Hit Cat and Shun Gon. Lord Tim Hudson and Paul Winchell portrayed the cats, respectively. Another character in the Jazz gang is Peppo, and Vito Scotti was the actor who played him.

There are two hounds in the movie that live on a farm. They attack Edgar when he intrudes on their home. One of the dogs is Napoleon, and actor Pat Buttram portrayed him. The other is Lafayette, and George Lindsey voiced him.

Some appearances include Monica Evans and Carole Shelley. The two actors played a pair of geese who are twin sisters, and Bill Thompson was the drunk uncle of the twin geese.

Who are the voices behind the main characters of ‘Aristocats’?

One of the main cast members is Eva Gabor, and she played Duchess. Duchess is the mother of the three kittens, and she appears elegant and refined. Her love interest is a feral cat named Thomas O’Malley. Thomas acts as a father figure to the children, and Phil Harris portrayed him.

The other main stars include the actors behind the kittens. All of the children got named after real-life people, like Marie Antoinette. The oldest kid is Toulouse, and Gary Dubin voiced the role. Toulouse displays a knack for painting.

Liz English played the part of Marie, who is a singer and acts snobbish to her brothers. Dean Clark voiced Berlioz, who is the youngest kitten. Berlioz is a talented pianist but is somewhat shy. Among the main cat characters, there is the human butler.

Edgar Balthazar is Madame Adelaide’s butler and antagonist of the film. Actor Roddy Maude-Roxby portrayed Edgar, who gets his plans foiled in the end. None of the other characters ever see Edgar again after he gets sent to Timbuktu.

Other works the cast members were in


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Gabor began acting in the 1940s, and her first role was Forced Landing. One of her notable roles was the show Green Acres. She snagged the role of Lisa Douglass, and Lisa is married to an attorney named Oliver. Gabor also played Miss Bianca in The Rescuers.

Not only was Harris an actor, but he also was known as a musician and comedian. He worked on radio and was the voice behind Baloo in The Jungle Book. Actor English was a backup singer for some stars. 

One of Dubin’s notable roles was Punky Lazaar in The Partridge Family. The show is from the 70s, and it featured the antics of the Partridges. Maude-Roxby was an artist on top of being an actor.

Maude-Roxby starred in several other films. He was Olivestone in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. It was the first Tarzan movie to have received Academy Award nominations.