Who Did Will Smith Date Before Jada Pinkett Smith?

The era before Will Smith dated and married Jada Pinkett might be wiped out of memory now considering how long the two have been together. Through ups and downs, their marriage has endured for 23 years.

Of course, the controversy over their unconventional marriage continues to be a hot topic. After their recent Red Table Talk about Jada Pinkett’s “entanglement” with rapper August Alsina, many wonder what Will Smith’s feelings really are. Everyone still has to go on the notion they agreed to be by each other’s side, no matter the circumstances.

Prior to this marriage contract, Smith had another marriage that was short-lived.

A look back to Will Smith’s early dating days

When Will Smith landed the role of playing himself on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he was primarily known as a moderately successful rapper. If he was dating during those years, it was nobody high profile. Having his own hit show managed to place him into the stratosphere, including dating women employed as actresses themselves.

According to sites like Ranker, one of the first women he dated during the early days of Fresh Prince was actress Garcelle Beauvais. She was born in Haiti and became a model/actress starting in the late ’90s. At the time she and Smith dated, Beauvais was on The WB’s The Jamie Foxx Show.

Their relationship did not last long, though, particularly because Sheree Zampino entered the picture. Latter would inevitably become more serious for Smith.

After breaking up with Beauvais in 1991, Smith only dated Zampino for a year before popping the question for marriage.

Marriage to Sheree Zampino did not last long either

Despite Smith and Zampino marrying, they only stayed together for a few years. In-between that time, Ranker above seems to show evidence he was with other women.

Nevertheless, it led to the birth of Smith’s first son, Trey, in 1992. Zampino, incidentally, was also an actress who never has a bad word to say about her former husband.

During the recent Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett, Smith admitted his worst failure in life was his divorce from Zampino. He attributed his failure to seeing domestic abuse between his own parents as a kid.

At least Smith admitted to taking marriage seriously. Even so, the list of other women he was rumored to be with is not short.

Other women Smith dated before marrying Jada Pinkett

A few of the other women Smith dated are still very well-known, yet were all just brief flings, sometimes lasting only months. Smith dated Tyra Banks for a brief time before he was officially divorced from Zampino. Banks was acting on Fresh Prince at the time.

Afterwards, rumors contend author Karrine Steffans had an affair with Smith at some point in the ’90s. Other sources say they might have had a fling much later, as in 2004. Nothing is really confirmed on this, if still bringing assumptions it was just before Smith met Pinkett.

When Smith met Pinkett in 1995, things obviously shifted in the right direction. Their marriage in December 1997 seemed like a sure thing, particularly in interviews where they proved their love for one another.

Once the rumors about them having an open marriage came out years later, speculation started occurring about how faithful they really were. One thing for sure is Smith has never had any open affairs while married to Pinkett, albeit Ranker above saying Margot Robbie and Nia Long are some of his former exes. If any affairs existed, it was kept far away from anyone getting word and blabbing it to tabloids.

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