Who From Peter Weber’s Season Of ‘The Bachelor’ Has Gotten ‘The Bachelorette’ Edit So Far?

We are nearing the end of Peter Weber’s Bachelor season. So fans are starting to talk about who should be the next bachelorette.

Mykenna Dorn, Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan | Francisco Roman via Getty Images
Mykenna Dorn, Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

Typically, during the later portion of The Bachelor, audiences can tell who producers are considering for the lead role by the nature of the edit contestants get on their way out. A Bachelorette edit usually involves talk of their desire to someday find the love they deserve. Or an edit that simply makes them seem especially likable, like someone America would enjoy watching find love.

So far, here’s who we and fans feel have a good shot at being the bachelorette.

Kelsey Weier

While Kelsey Weier didn’t exactly give a monologue on her way out about the kind of love she desires, many fans are thinking she’d be a good option for The Bachelorette.

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“I have a pretty strong hunch it will be Kelsey,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “She wears her heart on her sleeve and is willing to be openly very emotional on camera. She would be an entertaining lead because of this, similar to Hannah [Brown].”

“I like [Kelsey] in general and could see why producers would choose her,” wrote another. “My first instinct is ‘hell nah’ but now thinking she could show a whole different side — a la Hannah B when everyone freaked (rightfully so at the time) when she was announced as ‘ette.”

Natasha Parker

When Peter Weber sent Natasha Parker home, her exit monologue was more about not being on the same page as the pilot than the type of love she hopes to receive someday. But lots of fans are hoping she’s being considered for the lead role because of her maturity and poise.

“Natasha doesn’t need this mediocre man or this produced nonsense. Natasha for Bachelorette or the lead of a higher quality show. We stan,” tweeted one fan.

Kelley Flanagan

As Weber sent Kelley Flanagan home, she gave an epic monologue about how the remaining contestants lack maturity (a sentiment many of the show’s fans agree with).

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“I question his intentions because I don’t really know what phase he is in life. The four [contestants] that are left are like little babies. I don’t really know who they are. Are you a child or an adult? Clearly he doesn’t agree. If he’s not able to sit there and make decisive decisions and stuff like that, that’s on him. I don’t want him to waste my time either. Thank you for not coming and meeting my family,” she said.

Fans are saying they’d like a strong female lead and Kelley could be the right woman for the job.

“In conclusion, Kelly is a queen. Kelly is a bad boss b*tch, and you can’t expect a bad boss b*tch to end up with a lil b*tch. Kelly for #bachelorette,” tweeted one fan.

Mykenna Dorn

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Bachelor fans won’t forget Mykenna Dorn’s exit speech about how she’s “strong,” and deserves someone who will jump fences for her. It certainly looked like a Bachelorette edit, but fans don’t really seem to be on board. They do, however, think she’ll be great on Bachelor In Paradise.

Women from different ‘Bachelor’ seasons

There’s also been some talk of considering women from other seasons, mostly because fans don’t feel Weber’s cast was particularly likable. Names like Tayshia Adams, Katie Morton, and, of course, Hannah Brown have been tossed around.

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Last year, we found out who the bachelorette was on March 12, so we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

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