Who is Andrew Luck’s Girlfriend, Nicole Pechanec?

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has been in the league since 2012 when he was selected as the No. 1 overall pick in that year’s draft. Since he began his career in the NFL, Luck has enjoyed success and led the Colts to multiple playoff appearances. But while he’s made headlines for what’s he done on the field not much is known about his life off the gridiron.

For the past several years Luck has been in a relationship with Nicole Pechanec, who is very successful in her own right. Here’s more on the woman the athlete has been quietly dating for quite some time.

Andrew Luck and his girlfriend, Nicole Pechanec

Andrew Luck and his girlfriend, Nicole Pechanec | Maxim Magazine Instagram

Where they met

Pechanec and Luck are actually college sweethearts. The New Jersey native met the quarterback when they both attended Standford University and have been together ever since.

She studied Engineering with an emphasis on Architectural Design and earned a Bachelor degree from the school in 2012. Luck graduated the same year and received a degree in Architectural design as well. The two also have another thing in common as they were both star athletes in college.

She is an athlete as well

Pechanec’s mother, Yvette, was a gymnast and her daughter followed in her footsteps.

While at Stanford, she became the captain of the gymnastics team and was the only team member to compete on the floor in every meet. She was also the only freshman on her team to compete in the NCAA championships. Pechanec’s parents are both Czech and she represented the country’s national team in the World Games and European Championships.

Yvette served as her daughter’s coach over the years and in 2009, Pechanec did an interview with the International Gymnast Magazine in which she talked about her mom and how inspirational she had been for her.

“She has been the driving force being everything that I have done,” Pechanec told the publication. “She has been there whenever I needed something and has also confirmed my theory that moms are always right. Having made it to the all-around finals, I was able to not only fulfill my dream, but hers, too. I don’t consider it as athletic success whatsoever, but as pursuing dreams and living life to the fullest. Moments like these remind me that what I have done was worthwhile, anything I am doing is promising, and everything I dream of is possible.”

Pechanec works in sports too but behind the camera

Like her man, Pechanec works in sports as well. However, she stays behind the camera.

Since 2014, she has been a television producer with NBC Sports and ESPN providing coverage for NBC Olympics and USA Gymnastics. In addition to her TV career, Pechanec has worked with non-profits like Nest and is also interested in social entrepreneurship.

“Nicole aspires to grow in her two-pronged career as a social entrepreneur and through her involvement in the gymnastics community as a field producer for NBC and ESPN,” her professional profile notes. “She enjoys being an advocate for healthier, ethically-conscious products through her work with the non-profit, Nest, and being an active member of the Indianapolis community.”

In 2017, Pechanec obtained her MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

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