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Angela Yee has become one of the nation’s most recognized radio hosts due to her spot on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. However, not many people know about certain aspects of her personal life, like, say, her relationship status. So is Yee dating? Or is she off the market? Let’s find out together.

Angela Yee on the red carpet at an award show in February 2020
Angela Yee on the red carpet at an award show in February 2020 | Aaron J. Thornton /

Does Angela Yee have a boyfriend?

Speaking to Essence in a March 2019 interview, Yee admitted: “Yes, I have a boyfriend.” However, she has chosen to remain tight-lipped about him due to his desire for privacy.

“He doesn’t want people to be all in the mix [knowing who he is], but as soon as we get engaged or something, you guys will be the first to know!” she continued. “What’s great about my boyfriend is that he’s really supportive of everything that I do and he’s so low key. which I really like because I’m the same way. I don’t want to be posted on the blogs. I have a lot of things going on that I want to make sure people know about, but I just try to do my job and mind my business. I like having a low key life.”

As of writing, his identity is still unknown.

Who has Angela Yee dated?

It appears that Yee has only had one known romance, which was with New York rapper Vado. They began dating in the early 2010s but drifted apart some time down the line. Vado attributed their split to his busy schedule and philandering ways in a 2019 appearance on Yee’s podcast Lip Service.

“I was busy, man. I was trying to take full advantage of what was around me,” he explained around the 1:11:40 mark.

As his star grew, Vado claimed, women started to throw themselves at him. “They know she’s on the radio every day. They’re seeing her. So they thirsty. Everybody’s thirsty. Everybody on you. Women is on you, and I was just like, ‘Come here,'” he continued.

Regardless of what happened, Yee and Vado were able to move on and now consider themselves as friends.

“At the end of the day, I’ve known Vado for almost ten years now. So we went out a few times? That was like nine years ago. And it wasn’t a big deal,” she added to Essence. “I don’t even look at it like that’s my ex-boyfriend or anything like that. We’ve never had an issue. It just never materialized into anything. We’ve always been cool. I think he’s a really nice guy, honestly.”

Others Angela Yee has been linked to

Yee has been linked to a few other men — one being Gucci Mane. In 2016, Gucci Mane went on The Breakfast Club and hinted that Yee had tried to hook up with him years earlier after he went on Lip Service. She has repeatedly denied his claims, but he has persisted and stood by his remarks.

Yee has also been linked to rapper Plies. Comedian Lil Duval said in a 2017 interview on The Breakfast Club that the two had a fling, but Yee played coy. However, they do appear to have a strong relationship. Plies was among many people who came to Yee’s defense in 2019 when Gucci Mane attacked her in an interview over their history.

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