Who is Anthony Joshua Dating?

British heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua is taking a well deserved break. After the hefty power-puncher Andy Ruiz handily defeated him in June 2019, it was Joshua who came out on top for the December rematch. The short turnaround between the two bouts has earned both some time to recoup.

With Joshua separated from his ex, this is the perfect time for the dashing big man to hit the dating scene. He certainly has eyes for some notable women like Lori Harvey.

His priorities in his personal life seem to slow his re-emergence on the scene. Let’s take a look at where Joshua’s dating marketability stands in 2020.

Anthony Joshua’s complicated relationship with his ex and their son

Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Anthony Joshua, 30, has two loves: boxing, and his family. In a 2018 interview with GQ, he positioned the two in explicitly equal terms. “Boxing put me in touch with my own mortality. Some people have a kid and think, ‘I need to sort myself out now.’ But boxing did that for me,” Joshua said.

That isn’t to say that his son JJ, born when Joshua was 25, didn’t have a life-altering impact. “What has changed by having my son is that now I think about the future – the pitfalls of life, what I’ve seen, how to be a better man,” Joshua said.

He regularly posts content with his son on social media, demonstrating the two have a close bond.

But JJ’s mother, yoga instructor Nicole Osborne, never appears in these posts. They most likely stopped dating before JJ was born in 2016.

The two met in Watford, Joshua’s hometown, but keep their current relationship out of the public eye. She currently lives in a North London luxury flat that Joshua reportedly visits regularly, according to the International Business Times.

Where Joshua’s personal life has settled today

Joshua pays for Osborne’s flat, where his son lives throughout the year. Personally, he lives with his mother, social worker Yeta Odusanya in a building that was once public housing.

This is clearly a sentimental choice, as Odusanya prefers to maintain her profession and personal life.

Joshua, who is rumored to have taken an enormous chunk of the $100 million purse for Joshua vs. Ruiz 2, lives a simple life by choice. If he does eventually commit to spending big on himself, it will probably come after he retires from the ring. “I’m not the type to have too many material things because I’m trying to supply my family with things,” Joshua said during an interview on The Breakfast Club.

He may have arrived at this because of his experience living a slightly faster lifestyle. Famously, he wore an electronic bracelet during an professional boxing match in 2009. His life got much quieter after that drug charge, spending more time with his mother, training for fights, and playing chess.

Is Joshua dating anyone in 2020?

Back in 2017, Joshua told the Evening Standard he “[doesn’t] have time for girlfriends.” It was all about family and training at that point. That was a big shift for someone who was noted for mutual flirting with big names like model and actress Cara Delevingne.

Joshua was also seen publicly getting close with Rita Ora. While it is not known if the two officially dated, it didn’t last. Ora was later connected with MMA headliner Conor McGregor.

Joshua mentioned on The Breakfast Club he had eyes for model Lori Harvey, step-daughter of comedian Steve Harvey. That seemingly didn’t amount to much beyond wishful thinking.

Lori recently left her home and is now living with rapper Future. It appears that, at least for now, the only woman officially in Anthony Joshua’s life is his beloved mother.