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Basketball Wives is currently said to be greenlit for its 9th season and is also expanding the franchise with all-new wives in a new city. While production is underway for the Dallas franchise, fans will be introduced to a completely new cast. As excited as fans are, there are still lots to learn about the current newbies on the show – one of them being Kristen Scott.

Basketball Wives cast
(L-R) Malaysia Pargo, Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams, Kristen Scott | Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Kristen joined the show in its later seasons and was almost immediately welcomed into the “OG” circle, with Shaunie and Evelyn. She’s said to be returning to the show next year but until then, catch up on the newbie who’s family drama was put on display for the world to see.

Who Is Kristen Scott?

Kristen Scott grew up far from the bright lights of Hollywood. The brown-skinned beauty grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and has the southern values to show for it. She had not appeared on reality television until Basketball Wives.

Kristen married her husband, Thomas Scott, in 2012. He used to be on the coaching staff of the New Orleans Pelicans, Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers. Thomas is the son of NBA legend, Byron Scott. 

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Thomas works with Ice Cube as the Head of Basketball Operations for the BIG3 basketball league. The two are parents to a daughter, Kenzi, with Kristen being a stay at home mom and wife. 

Kristen Scott on ‘Basketball Wives

Kristen joined the cast of Basketball Wives in season 7. She was introduced as the cousin to cast member, Malaysia Pargo. Along with Kristen, her family also joined the show – father-in-law, Byron Scott, and his new fiance, Cece Guiterrez. The first season showed the close relationship between the Scott family that began to unravel mid-season.

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Fans watched as Cece and Kristen’s relationship became distant as Kristen accused Cece of not being a good buffer between her and Byron. She felt that the two did not spend enough time with her daughter. Things escalated after Byron watched Kristen’s comments and chose to keep his distance from her. Kristen blamed Cece for the divide.

In her second season of the show, Kristen attempted to bridge the gap between her and Cece to no avail. The two battled all season with Cece finally cutting the cord for good, which devastated Kristen. Things don’t seem to be any better with Cece and Byron’s upcoming wedding, which does not include Kristen on the guest list. Hopefully, the family can salvage things if they return for another season.

What is Kristen Scott doing outside of ‘Basketball Wives?

Season 8 ended with a major blow-up between Cece and Kristen. With Cece not appearing on the reunion episode, Kristen was left disappointed with their strained relationship and was hoping the reunion would be a place for closure. She also expressed her feelings of Cece not taking accountability for any part in the downfall of their friendship but is still optimistic that things can be resolved. 

Outside of the show, Kristen has been focused on building her brand. She’s been making appearances and completing hosting gigs that she shared on her Instagram page. Kristen is also a fitness fanatic and has partnered with several brands to promote their workout gear and fitness centers.

Source: Instagram

Fans watched as Kristen and Thomas spoke about expanding their family. She continues to focus on her husband and their toddler daughter, adding modeling to Kenzi’s already full activities calendar. Maybe a new Scott baby will be in the near future. We will have to wait until season 9 to see!