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The Riverdale time-jump brings Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead back to their old high school as teachers. And as the new football coach, Archie may have finally found his star player.

She’s one of the Bulldog’s strongest assets. So exactly who is Britta in Riverdale season 5, and is she a character that appears in Archie Comics? 

Kyra Leroux as Britta Beach in 'Riverdale'
Kyra Leroux as Britta Beach in ‘Riverdale’ | The CW Network/Youtube

Who is Britta in ‘Riverdale’?

Britta Beach (Kyra Leroux) made her first Riverdale appearance in season 5, episode 6, “Back to School.” She is one of Betty’s (Lili Rienhart) machine shop students who volunteers when Archie (KJ Apa) comes looking for football team recruits. 

The Riverdale Bulldogs are the worst team in the league, not having won a single game all season. Most of the school’s better players moved to Stonewall Prep for better opportunities. And Hiram’s agenda to wipe the Riverdale off the map is contributing to the students’ low morale.

But in episode 9, “Destroyer,” Veronica (Camila Mendes) invites her professional football player friend, T Dub, to come give the team a pep talk. And when dozens of well-wishers from the town and the school show up to support the team, the Bulldogs finally get the boost they need. 

The Bulldogs are obliterated by Hiram’s (Mark Consuelos) Stonewall Stallions during the game. But after an inspirational speech by Archie, Britta rushes the ball downfield and scores the only points for her team. 

Before the game, Hiram made a deal with Veronica and agreed to let the Bulldogs stay in the league if they scored even one point. So Britta’s play ends up saving the team in a significant way. 

Is Britta Beach in the ‘Archie’ comic books?

Britta Beach is not a character that appears in the Archie comics. She is an entirely new character to the Archie universe, and was created specifically for Riverdale.  

Britta isn’t the only fresh character in season 5. The show has introduced a number of new Riverdale students, including Lerman Logan (Jude Wilson) and Derek Davis (Vince Song).

Who plays Britta on ‘Riverdale’?

Kyra Leroux plays Britta in Riverdale season 5. According to her IMDB page, she started acting at age 7 after landing a role on Psych

Leroux then went on to star in series like Once Upon a Time, Six, and The Quaranteens. Along with Riverdale, the young actor has a few other TV projects lined up for 2021, including Schmigadoon! and Brand New Cherry Flavor.


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It’s unclear how much more of Britta fans will get to see as season 5 of Riverdale unfolds. But if Archie’s football coach storyline stays at the forefront, she may need to come through for the Bulldogs as they continue to play other teams in the league.  

New episodes of Riverdale air Wedenesdays, at 8 p.m. EST, on The CW.