Who is ‘Chicago Fire’ Actor Joe Minoso’s Wife?

Chicago Fire has been around for 9 years, and in all this time, it has managed to rake in millions of viewers and established a solid fan base. The show stars several talented actors fans have responded well to.

One fan-favorite character is Joe Cruz, played by Joe Minoso. Minoso quickly became a fan favorite, and fans commended the friendship he shared with colleague Otis. Minoso was married in 2013, to someone close to Chicago Fire — learn more about his wife.

Joe Minoso smiling in front of balloons
Joe Minoso | Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Joe Minoso found inspiration for acting after a backstage invitation

Joe Minoso was born on September 25, 1978. When attending his girlfriend’s school play one day, she invited him to come backstage so that they could have a chat. While there, Minoso found his inspiration to pursue acting.

Minoso ended up joining his high school’s stage crew and even auditioned for a role in the school production of Dracula. He attended Adelphi University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. He also went to Northern Illinois University, where he graduated with a Master’s in Fine Arts.

Before appearing in TV shows such as Chicago Fire, Minoso had a lengthy stint in theater. He even worked at the largest Latino theater company called Chicago’s Teatro Vista. When they were filming for Chicago Fire, he lived with his fellow castmates Yuri Sardarov who played his on-screen best friend Otis, and Charlie Barnett.

Minoso plays Joe Cruz on Chicago Fire   

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Joe Cruz was born and raised in the rough parts of Chicago. His brother Leon is in a gang called Insane Kings led by a tough mob leader called Flaco. Cruz desperately tried to get Leon to leave the ring, but Leon’s exit from the Insane Kings would cost Cruz a fortune

After trying to buy out Leon from the gang and failing, Cruz is left feeling hopeless. However, when the fire department is called to put out a fire, Cruz spots Flaco in the fire but abandons him and tells the rest that the building is clear.

Leon safely exits the gang, but Cruz’s decision to abandon Flaco in the fire weighs down on his conscience and puts a bounty on him and his teammates’ heads. He eventually comes clean to his boss Matt Casey, who gets furious and asks him to hand himself over to the police but reconsiders.

In season 2, Cruz forms a close bond with Otis’s cousin from Russia, Zoya. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have citizenship, and Cruz offers to marry her to help her stay in the country. Zoya feels that marrying Cruz for citizenship would be wrong and chooses to leave for Russia.

Cruz then begins dating Sylvie Brett shortly afterward. However, their relationship is short-lived. In season three, it is revealed that Cruz also runs a highly rated Zumba class, which Brett takes up. The two decide to keep it a secret, but their close bond raises a lot of flags, and Casey is forced to outline to him the department’s rules about office romance.

Brett clarifies that the two were spending a lot of time together because Cruz was her Zumba instructor. Word soon spread across all the departments, and the teams even come out to help Cruz in some of his classes.

Minoso wed Chicago Fire makeup artist in a speakeasy Chicago-themed wedding

Minoso met his wife, Caitlin Miles Murphy, on the set of Chicago Fire. Caitlin is one of the makeup artists on the show. She is also a licensed cosmetologist and a paramedical micro-pigmentation specialist, according to IMDb.

The couple got married in 2016 in a Chicago-themed wedding. Minoso said that they were both intrigued by the idea of a 1920’s speakeasy theme, and that was what they went for, according to the Chicago Tribune. Guests had to give out passwords to gain entrance to the wedding.

The sitting arrangement in the reception was named after speakeasies from 1920. The couple took their wedding photos in a firehouse to honor the show in which they met.